Gale Shrine Early

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By either using Origin Warp or a series of OoB KTs you can get into the Gale Shrine without having to open the gate. This allows you to skip doing the Satomi Power Orbs quest, skipping Cresent in NG+ Any%.

Origin Warp method

Link to full page

By performing an Origin Warp you warp into the elevator in the middle of the dungeon. For the full tutorial click the link above. This method is both useful in NG+ any% and All Brushes. In AB it speeds up the run by skipping two satomi orb fights and a revisit to Kusa Village.

The KT Gauntlet

The old way of doing Gale Shrine early uses a series of about 100 KTs to get up to the galestorm platform. The trick starts at the same place Origin Warp goes OoB and then follows a few visual cues to make sure you are on target. This trick relies on the same principle that makes Interior Clip possible, but does it in reverse. Jumping up, rather than down.

Void Warp

This trick is done at the end of the KT Gauntlet. The main idea for the trick is that the Galestorm platform is an octagon (meaning it has 8 equal sides) but the cutscene trigger is a circle. This makes the trigger extend the platform's invisible walls at the centre of its sides. By doing a dash from a KT or jumping into the side with momentum you hit the trigger and then proceed to fall down into the void plane. However you won't actually void out until opening and closing the brush during the drawing of the 3 Galestorms. If you don't do this you stay stuck in constellation drawing with the camera down at the start of the dungeon where you started the KT Gauntlet. Unable to actually draw the stars. By executing the warp correctly you can still draw the stars, but the constellation and the platform will be invisible. Forcing you to draw the stars from memory. After obtaining Galestorm you will have warped to the beginning of the dungeon skipping the movement back down saving 45 seconds.