Lilypad Skip

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Lilypad skip is used in NG+ All Brushes, NG Any% and NG All Brushes to get into Agata early. However, only in NG Any% does this actually skip lilypad.

How to

Go into the water section towards Agata and swim until you can see the far wall. Do corner glitch the first little corner on the left wall, slow swimming towards the corner and holding forward to get an auto-jump[1].

Hold up-right or right and do a wall jump AFTER the highest point in your jump. If you do it on the highest point you will hit the ceiling and not make the other side. You can be as low as you want after the apex of your jump, as long as you get the wall jump. Then, finish up by doing an air dash[2] to get on to the ground near the bomb crack. Timing this one takes a bit of practice, but is easy to get down by feel alone.