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Note: This page describes a glitch, trick, or exploit. To see others, click here.


It is possible to skip the cutscene where the mushrooms grow after clearing all of the Devil Gates in the Triple Gate Room. Normally, during this cutscene, a camera pan shows 5 poison pots spewing poison into the waterfall in the room. Prior to this cutscene, the pots are completely invisible and can't be destroyed with tackles or Power Slash. However, they can still be destroyed with Cherry Bomb or Fireburst. If all 5 pots are already destroyed prior to using Sunrise to grow the mushrooms, the white fadeout for the purification cutscene will start immediately after using Sunrise, causing the two cutscenes to overlap. This effectively skips the long mushroom cutscene.

If the first few cutscenes are skipped very quickly (by mashing the skip button), Ammy will be spawned by the mushrooms instead of on the ledge with the pots, saving a few seconds when leaving the room.

Doing this with Cherry Bomb does not save time, as multiple CB's must be used consecutively to destroy all the pots. Using Fireburst (obtained before Tsuta Ruins via Agata Bridge Skip), all 5 pots can be destroyed at once. The easiest way to break all pots quickly is by doing a Brush Adventure prior to the 2nd demon gate (going clockwise), and drawing a 3 ink Fireburst centered around the pool at the top of the waterfall. Overall, performing Pot Skip this way saves 17 seconds.

Demonstration: https://youtu.be/LIa1W4_Qhxg


This trick was discovered by Auride on 10 Dec 2020.