Acid Skip

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Inside the Water Dragon, you are intended to release the dragon's stomach acid, then Waterspout that acid to the Water Orb to dislodge it and initiate the Tube Foxes fight. Releasing the acid can be entirely skipped by carefully aligning the camera from outside the Water Orb room to Waterspout is with the regular water flowing nearby. The game does not check whether the water source is acid or not, and the orb is still dislodged.

This glitch works in the PS2, Wii, and PS3 versions. It was patched in the 2017 remasters (PC, Switch, PS4, and XBone), where the game checks whether the acid has been released before making the orb react to Waterspout. It is still possible to release the acid, then jump out of the orb room to align the camera to use the regular water, though this is a waste of time.