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Note: This page describes a unit used in Okami. To learn more about the values representing quantities of these units, see Reverse Engineering.


The locations of objects in-game are internally represented as a vector of 3 displacements (relative distances) from the origin point (coordinate (0,0,0)) of a map. These displacements are represented as single-precision (4 byte) floats. Coordinates are stored in the order (X, Y, Z). Positive X points towards the East. Positive Y points upwards. Positive Z points to the South.

In the game's files, there is an test map with ID 0x0FF which contains markings for various distances using the unit "m", presumably for meters. Based on these markings, an in-game unit is meant to be equivalent to 1 decimeter, or 0.1 meters.


  • Amaterasu's model is roughly 22 units of distance in length.
  • A single ground jump raises Amaterasu roughly 68 units above the ground.
  • The two loading zones in River of the Heavens are roughly 5,000 units apart.
  • In North Ryoshima, the loading zones to Ryoshima and Catcall Tower are roughly 12,000 units apart.
  • The interior of the dojo in Ryoshima is roughly 10,500 units below the foot of the stairs to Ankoku temple (see Stair Clip).

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