Early Stray Bead

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Note: This page describes a glitch, trick, or exploit. To see others, click here.


Normally, to obtain Stray Bead #99, located on floor 5 of Wawku Shrine, you must return to the center room after getting Blizzard. Then, you must freeze a burning platform spider to climb up from floor 4, and rise another level to reach a small platform where the chest is located.

In Top Dog runs, we can skip having to return to the center room entirely by performing some platforming to reach the stray bead before leaving to get Blizzard, and then performing Nechku Skip.

To reach the chest:

  1. After rising up the spiral staircase to floor 4, rather than going left through the Gold Gate, hug the center and jump around at the same level until you reach the White Porcelain Pot Chest. This treasure is fairly valuable so it's worth opening anyways.
  2. Get onto the upper ledge behind the porcelain chest. If you can't make it back, you should try to fall into the void to respawn near the chest. Otherwise, you'll need to climb back up to the top floor.
  3. Tackle jump away from the central cylinder.
  4. Double jump and air tackle bounce, timing for height, into the corner of the wall on the right, so that Ammy bounces left and lands on the floor 5 platform. Note that if you fail to make it, you should try to land back near the porcelain chest.
  5. Jump up to the wall behind the upper-level platform.
  6. Jump from there up to the small platform where the Stray Bead chest is.
  7. Open the chest, collect the bead, jump down, and dash toward the door to go collect Blizzard.

Demonstration: https://youtu.be/WHQ0bOBXdus