Godhood Points

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Note: This page describes a unit used in Okami. To learn more about the values representing quantities of these units, see Reverse Engineering.


Godhood is a mechanic where Ammy gets a shield, nullifying all damage and knockback from a single attack. Once the hit is absorbed, Ammy's tier of godhood is reduced. Tiers of godhood are built-up by hitting enemies. Every hit dealt to an enemy earns 5 points of Godhood. There are 5 tiers of godhood in total, each applying to a certain range of Godhood points. Godhood points are represented internally as a signed 2 Byte integer (range -32,768 to 32,767).

The tiers are as follows:

  1. Negative Godhood - <50 points - Ammy has no shield and must deal additional hits before returning to Neutral Godhood and then build up to having an actual shield. In-battle, this is represented by a skull and cross-bones icon. This state only results from drowning in water/poison/lava or succumbing to a cursed zone while at neutral godhood. All of these will set Ammy to 0 Godhood if she was at Negative or Neutral to begin with, or to the lowest value of the next lower tier otherwise. Lower Godhood values are not known to be reachable normally in-game, but are also recognized as Negative Godhood.
  2. Neutral Godhood - >=50, <125 points - Ammy has no shield and no godhood icon. This is the default. If Ammy has Red Godhood and gets hit, she will be set to 50 Godhood points. If she has Neutral Godhood, she won't lose any points from being hit, even if she has more than 50.
  3. Red Godhood - >=125, <250 points - Ammy has 1 layer of shield, which is lost upon being hit, returning to Neutral Godhood (50 points). As mentioned before, drowning or succumbing to a cursed zone will also lower Ammy to Neutral.
  4. Yellow Godhood - >=250, <375 points - Ammy has 2 layers of shield.
  5. Green Godhood - >=375 points - Ammy has 3 layers of shield. She can continue to build Godhood Points above 375. In theory, it's possible to continue building points until they underflow. When this happens, the game will instantly set the value to 0, giving Ammy Negative Godhood. However, this would take over 6,500 hits on enemies without Ammy getting hit herself, so it would be extremely difficult to achieve in practice.