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Note: This page describes a unit used in Okami. To learn more about the values representing quantities of these units, see Reverse Engineering.


Health in-game is represented using a signed short int (2 bytes). Every 300 units of health is equivalent to 1 Solar Unit (1 orb in Ammy's health bar). By default, she has 900 health (3 Solar Units).


  • Voiding-out, drowning, and falling into lava/poison all deal 150 health.
  • When Ammy has 0 health, she will still be alive and able to move normally. It's only when her health becomes negative that she instantly dies, so long as the player has control.
  • Running into a flaming chest deals 100 damage to Ammy upfront, then 1 damage per frame while she's on fire, for a maximum of 429 frames (14.3 seconds) if you do not tackle to extinguish the flames.
  • At most, Ammy can have 20 Solar Units, or 6000 health, from maxing out on praise upgrades and Sun Fragments.
  • If Ammy has the Wood Mat equipped, she will heal 2 health per frame and lose 1 Yen per frame while in the resting animation.