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Note: This page describes a glitch, trick, or exploit. To see others, click here.


There are various items in game which Ammy can hold in her mouth, such as keys. When these items are dropped/released, they have collision which can be tackle-bounced off-of. This can be done even if the item is in mid-air. With somewhat precise timing, it's possible to drop a held item at the peak of Ammy's single or double jump, then immediately air tackle and bounce off it. This is called an Item Bounce. It enables you to tackle bounce even when there are no usable walls, gaining extra height in situations which would otherwise be impossible.


Unfortunately, there are no time-saving applications of Item Bounce, partially because most items in the game are slow to obtain in situations where they might be helpful.

Usable Items

A full list of usable items is as follows:

  • All Lockjaw Keys
    • 1 in Tsuta Ruins, after defeating Blockhead
    • 2 in Gale Shrine; 1 after defeating each Chimera
    • 2 in Moon Cave interior; 1 after freeing Ajimi, 1 behind the Fire Eye room
    • 1 in Sunken Ship, behind a wall destroyed with the cannon
    • 1 in Imperial Palace, on a ledge retrievable with Issun x1000
    • 1 in Inside the Dragon
    • 2 in Oni Island lower interior; 1 in a room behind a Poltergeist fight, 1 in an outside area after several Tobi Races, just before obtaining Thunderstorm.
    • 1 in Oni Island upper interior, in a room blocked by sliding bars and a bomb-able wall.
    • 2 in Wawku Shrine; 1 in a room unlocked via completing the scale-balancing puzzle, 1 in the hot gear room under a bomb-able floor.
  • All Electric Keys in Oni Island
    • 1 in the lower interior, after obtaining TS
    • 1 in the sidescroller
    • 1 in the upper interior
  • Kushi's Sake in Kamiki Village
  • Tsuta Key, obtained in Agata Forest after fishing with Kokari
  • Teacup, obtained in Taka Pass after defeating the Molsters.
  • Nameless Man's vases, obtained in Shinshu Field after meeting various pre-requisites.
  • The saplings in Wawku Shrine's scale-balancing room.
  • All items gained by defeating Hayazo in the Sei-An races, save for the tao mask.


Item Bounce was first documented by Auride on 13 July 2020.