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Note: This page pertains to Reverse Engineering of Okami.


Ammy can obtain a wide variety of items. These items can be broadly divided into several categories and sub-categories:

  • Tools
    • Consumables
    • Karmic Transformers
    • Key Items
  • Equipment
    • Divine Instruments
    • Holy Artifacts
  • Fish
  • Treasure
  • Dungeon Maps
  • Pick-ups (e.g. Spirit Globes)
  • Held Items (e.g. Oddly-Shaped Turnip)
  • Travel Guides

Each item in Okami is assigned an ID value which is used in various contexts, such as the Tools/Equipment subscreen of the Fan Menu, the dialogues for picking up items for the first time, and for selecting the icon that appears in the UI when picking up an item. Item ID's are stored as uint_16's, though only ID's 0x0000 through 0x00FF correspond to actual items.

Names and Descriptions

Each item has an associated name, which is actually selected from the current String Table using a uint_16 ID equal to the item ID plus 0x0126. Items available in the Tools and Equipment menus also have descriptions, have an string ID equal to the item ID plus 0x2000.

Inventory Count

Each item also has an associated inventory count stored at a memory address equal to main.dll+B20630 + (item ID * 2). Inventory counts are represented as int_16's, with negative values being treated as equivalent to 0. Even though every item has an inventory count, not all of them are actually incremented, tracked, or displayed in-game.

First Time Acquisition Flags

For every item, there is an associated flag which is set to 1 if that item has been picked-up before on the current file. These flags are used by Spirit Globes, the Ink Bottle, the Demon Fang, food items, and Feedbags for determining whether to bring up a dialog box when picking up the item. Most other items which can be picked up on the ground do also set these flags, but they do not affect pick-up dialogs. There are some items which can be picked-up, but which don't set the acquisition flag, such as the Astral Pouch. The remaining items cannot be picked-up. These flags are stored contiguously in memory, in a series of 4-byte bitfields starting at address main.dll+B21780. Within each bitfield, the flags are stored in most-significant to least-significant bit order. For example, the flag for Spirit Globe S, the 2nd item in the table, is stored in the 2nd most significant bit of main.dll+B21783.


Item ID Item Name Item Type Name String ID Inventory Address Inventory Max
0x0000 Empty slot on Tool/Equipment subscreen 0x0126 main.dll+B20630 Untracked
0x0001 Spirit Globe S Pickup 0x0127 main.dll+B20632 Untracked
0x0002 Spirit Globe M Pickup 0x0128 main.dll+B20634 Untracked
0x0003 Spirit Globe L Pickup 0x0129 main.dll+B20636 Untracked
0x0004 Holy Bone L Consumable Tool 0x012A main.dll+B20638 99
0x0005 Sun Fragment Collectible 0x012B main.dll+B2063A 2
0x0006 Astral Pouch Permanent Flag 0x012C main.dll+B2063C 1
0x0007 Ink Bottle Pickup 0x012D main.dll+B2063E Untracked
0x0008 Exorcism Slip L Consumable Tool 0x012E main.dll+B20640 99
0x0009 Exorcism Slip M Consumable Tool 0x012F main.dll+B20642 99
0x000A Exorcism Slip S Consumable Tool 0x0130 main.dll+B20644 99
0x000B Peace Bell Holy Artifact 0x0131 main.dll+B20646 1
0x000C Vengeance Slip Consumable Tool 0x0132 main.dll+B20648 99
0x000D Inkfinity Stone Consumable Tool 0x0133 main.dll+B2064A 99
0x000E Mermaid Coin Consumable Tool 0x0134 main.dll+B2064C 99
0x000F Golden Peach Consumable Tool 0x0135 main.dll+B2064E 99
0x0010 Divine Retribution Divine Instrument 0x0136 main.dll+B20650 1
0x0011 Snarling Beast Divine Instrument 0x0137 main.dll+B20652 1
0x0012 Infinity Judge Divine Instrument 0x0138 main.dll+B20654 1
0x0013 Trinity Mirror Divine Instrument 0x0139 main.dll+B20656 1
0x0014 Solar Flare Divine Instrument 0x013A main.dll+B20658 1
0x0015 Devout Beads Divine Instrument 0x013B main.dll+B2065A 1
0x0016 Life Beads Divine Instrument 0x013C main.dll+B2065C 1
0x0017 Exorcism Beads Divine Instrument 0x013D main.dll+B2065E 1
0x0018 Resurrection Beads Divine Instrument 0x013E main.dll+B20660 1
0x0019 Tundra Beads Divine Instrument 0x013F main.dll+B20662 1
0x001A Tsumugari Divine Instrument 0x0140 main.dll+B20664 1
0x001B Seven Strike Divine Instrument 0x0141 main.dll+B20666 1
0x001C Blade of Kusanagi Divine Instrument 0x0142 main.dll+B20668 1
0x001D Eighth Wonder Divine Instrument 0x0143 main.dll+B2066A 1
0x001E Thunder Edge Divine Instrument 0x0144 main.dll+B2066C 1
0x001F Demon Fang Collectible 0x0145 main.dll+B2066E 32767
0x0020 Peach Food 0x0146 main.dll+B20670 Untracked
0x0021 Apple Food 0x0147 main.dll+B20672 Untracked
0x0022 Orange Food 0x0148 main.dll+B20674 Untracked
0x0023 Baked Oranges Food 0x0149 main.dll+B20676 Untracked
0x0024 Radish Food 0x014A main.dll+B20678 Untracked
0x0025 Turnip Food 0x014B main.dll+B2067A Untracked
0x0026 Ginseng Food 0x014C main.dll+B2067C Untracked
0x0027 Cabbage Food 0x014D main.dll+B2067E Untracked
0x0028 Chinese Cabbage Food 0x014E main.dll+B20680 Untracked
0x0029 Cherry Cake Food 0x014F main.dll+B20682 Untracked
0x002A Potato Food 0x0150 main.dll+B20684 Untracked
0x002B Watermelon Food 0x0151 main.dll+B20686 Untracked
0x002C Bale of Rice Food 0x0152 main.dll+B20688 Untracked
0x002D Roasted Meat Food 0x0153 main.dll+B2068A Untracked
0x002E Bamboo Shoot Food 0x0154 main.dll+B2068C Untracked
0x002F Roasted Fish Food 0x0155 main.dll+B2068E Untracked
0x0030 Rice Balls Food 0x0156 main.dll+B20690 Untracked
0x0031 Dumplings Food 0x0157 main.dll+B20692 Untracked
0x0032 Grapes Food 0x0158 main.dll+B20694 Untracked
0x0033 Gourd Food 0x0159 main.dll+B20696 Untracked
0x0034 Sasa Rice Food 0x015A main.dll+B20698 Untracked
0x0035 Sasa Fish Food 0x015B main.dll+B2069A Untracked
0x0036 Sasa Egg Rolls Food 0x015C main.dll+B2069C Untracked
0x0037 Sasa Meat Food 0x015D main.dll+B2069E Untracked
0x0038 Sasa Crab Food 0x015E main.dll+B206A0 Untracked
0x0039 Sasa Fruit Food 0x015F main.dll+B206A2 Untracked
0x003A Sasa Dumplings Food 0x0160 main.dll+B206A4 Untracked
0x003B Sasa Hotchpotch Food 0x0161 main.dll+B206A6 Untracked
0x003C Sasa Cake Food 0x0162 main.dll+B206A8 Untracked
0x003D Rice Stew Food 0x0163 main.dll+B206AA Untracked
0x003E Millet Dumplings Food 0x0164 main.dll+B206AC Untracked
0x003F Kamiki Orange Food 0x0165 main.dll+B206AE Untracked
0x0040 Ruins Key Held Item 0x0166 main.dll+B206B0 Untracked
0x0041 Oddly Shaped Turnip Held Item 0x0167 main.dll+B206B2 Untracked
0x0042 Canine Tracker Key Item 0x0168 main.dll+B206B4 1
0x0043 Lucky Mallet Key Item 0x0169 main.dll+B206B6 1
0x0044 Border Key Key Item 0x016A main.dll+B206B8 1
0x0045 Dragon Orb Key Item 0x016B main.dll+B206BA 1
0x0046 Fox Rods Key Item 0x016C main.dll+B206BC 1
0x0047 Thunder Brew Key Item 0x016D main.dll+B206BE 1
0x0048 Shell Amulet Key Item 0x016E main.dll+B206C0 1
0x0049 Mask Key Item 0x016F main.dll+B206C2 1
0x004A Ogre Liver Key Item 0x0170 main.dll+B206C4 1
0x004B Lips of Ice Key Item 0x0171 main.dll+B206C6 1
0x004C Eyeball of Fire Key Item 0x0172 main.dll+B206C8 1
0x004D Black Demon Horn Key Item 0x0173 main.dll+B206CA 1
0x004E Loyalty Orb Key Item 0x0174 main.dll+B206CC 1
0x004F Justice Orb Key Item 0x0175 main.dll+B206CE 1
0x0050 Duty Orb Key Item 0x0176 main.dll+B206D0 1
0x0051 Hourglass Orb Pickup 0x0177 main.dll+B206D2 Untracked
0x0052 Unused 0x0178 main.dll+B206D4
0x0053 10 Yen Pickup 0x0179 main.dll+B206D6
0x0054 50 Yen Pickup 0x017A main.dll+B206D8
0x0055 100 Yen Pickup 0x017B main.dll+B206DA
0x0056 150 Yen Pickup 0x017C main.dll+B206DC
0x0057 500 Yen Pickup 0x017D main.dll+B206DE
0x0058 Unused 0x017E main.dll+B206E0
0x0059 Praise Pickup 0x017F main.dll+B206E2
0x005A Nothing Internal Use 0x0180 main.dll+B206E4 Untracked
0x005B Karmic Transformer 1 KT 0x0181 main.dll+B206E6 1
0x005C Vista of the Gods Held Item 0x0182 main.dll+B206E8 Untracked
0x005D [Legend of Orochi] Travel Guide 0x0183 main.dll+B206EA 1
0x005E [Mother Tree] Travel Guide 0x0184 main.dll+B206EC 1
0x005F Golden Mushroom Key Item 0x0185 main.dll+B206EE 1
0x0060 Gimmick Gear Key Item 0x0186 main.dll+B206F0 1
0x0061 [Northern Land] Travel Guide 0x0187 main.dll+B206F2 1
0x0062 8 Purification Sake Key Item 0x0188 main.dll+B206F4 1
0x0063 Sewaprolo Key Item 0x0189 main.dll+B206F6 1
0x0064 [Celestial Envoy] Travel Guide 0x018A main.dll+B206F8 1
0x0065 [Tribe of the Moon] Travel Guide 0x018B main.dll+B206FA 1
0x0066 [Power Slash 3] Travel Guide 0x018C main.dll+B206FC 1
0x0067 [Cherry Bomb 2] Travel Guide 0x018D main.dll+B206FE 1
0x0068 [Cherrry Bomb 3] Travel Guide 0x018E main.dll+B20700 1
0x0069 [Land of the Gods] Travel Guide 0x018F main.dll+B20702 1
0x006A [Another Civilization] Travel Guide 0x0190 main.dll+B20704 1
0x006B [Brush Tips] Travel Guide 0x0191 main.dll+B20706 1
0x006C [Travel Tips] Travel Guide 0x0192 main.dll+B20708 1
0x006D [Battle Tips] Travel Guide 0x0193 main.dll+B2070A 1
0x006E [Digging Tips] Travel Guide 0x0194 main.dll+B2070C 1
0x006F [Holy Artifacts] Travel Guide 0x0195 main.dll+B2070E 1
0x0070 Traveler's Charm Consumable Tool 0x0196 main.dll+B20710 99
0x0071 Charcoal Key Item 0x0197 main.dll+B20712 1
0x0072 Blinding Snow Key Item 0x0198 main.dll+B20714 1
0x0073 Treasure Box Key Item 0x0199 main.dll+B20716 1
0x0074 Spirit Globe S + Ink Pot Pickup 0x019A main.dll+B20718 Untracked
0x0075 Herbal Medicine Key Item 0x019B main.dll+B2071A 1
0x0076 Pinwheel Key Item 0x019C main.dll+B2071C 1
0x0077 Marlin Rod Key Item 0x019D main.dll+B2071E 1
0x0078 Unused 0x019E main.dll+B20720
0x0079 Karmic Transformer 3 KT 0x019F main.dll+B20722 1
0x007A Karmic Transformer 8 KT 0x01A0 main.dll+B20724 1
0x007B Karmic Transformer 7 KT 0x01A1 main.dll+B20726 1
0x007C Karmic Transformer 9 KT 0x01A2 main.dll+B20728 1
0x007D [Inferno Tech] Travel Guide 0x01A3 main.dll+B2072A 1
0x007E [Waterspout Tech 2] Travel Guide 0x01A4 main.dll+B2072C 1
0x007F [Galestorm Tech] Travel Guide 0x01A5 main.dll+B2072E 1
0x0080 [Thunderstorm Tech] Travel Guide 0x01A6 main.dll+B20730 1
0x0081 [Power Slash 2] Travel Guide 0x01A7 main.dll+B20732 1
0x0082 Unused 0x01A8 main.dll+B20734
0x0083 Chestnut Unused 0x01A9 main.dll+B20736
0x0084 [Enhancing Divinity] Travel Guide 0x01AA main.dll+B20738 1
0x0085 [Feeding] Travel Guide 0x01AB main.dll+B2073A 1
0x0086 [Godhood Tips] Travel Guide 0x01AC main.dll+B2073C 1
0x0087 [Fleeing Battle] Travel Guide 0x01AD main.dll+B2073E 1
0x0088 [Enhancing Weapons] Travel Guide 0x01AE main.dll+B20740 1
0x0089 [Greensprout Tips] Travel Guide 0x01AF main.dll+B20742 1
0x008A [Ink Bullet Tips] Travel Guide 0x01B0 main.dll+B20744 1
0x008B [Mark of Kabegami] Travel Guide 0x01B1 main.dll+B20746 1
0x008C [Veil of Mist Tech] Travel Guide 0x01B2 main.dll+B20748 1
0x008D [Waterspout Tech 1] Travel Guide 0x01B3 main.dll+B2074A 1
0x008E Holy Bone M Consumable Tool 0x01B4 main.dll+B2074C 99
0x008F Holy Bone S Consumable Tool 0x01B5 main.dll+B2074E 99
0x0090 Feedbag (Meat) Consumable Tool 0x01B6 main.dll+B20750 99
0x0091 Feedbag (Herbs) Consumable Tool 0x01B7 main.dll+B20752 99
0x0092 Feedbag (Seeds) Consumable Tool 0x01B8 main.dll+B20754 99
0x0093 Feedbag (Fish) Consumable Tool 0x01B9 main.dll+B20756 99
0x0094 Sashimi Food 0x01BA main.dll+B20758 Untracked
0x0095 Golden Lucky Cat Holy Artifact 0x01BB main.dll+B2075A 1
0x0096 Thief's Glove Holy Artifact 0x01BC main.dll+B2075C 1
0x0097 Wood Mat Holy Artifact 0x01BD main.dll+B2075E 1
0x0098 Golden Ink Pot Holy Artifact 0x01BE main.dll+B20760 1
0x0099 Steel Fist Sake Consumable Tool 0x01BF main.dll+B20762 99
0x009A Steel Soul Sake Consumable Tool 0x01C0 main.dll+B20764 99
0x009B Godly Charm Consumable Tool 0x01C1 main.dll+B20766 99
0x009C Water Tablet Holy Artifact 0x01C2 main.dll+B20768 1
0x009D Fire Tablet Holy Artifact 0x01C3 main.dll+B2076A 1
0x009E Gold Dust Consumable Tool 0x01C4 main.dll+B2076C 99
0x009F Fog Pot Permanent Flag 0x01C5 main.dll+B2076E 1
0x00A0 White Porcelain Pot Treasure 0x01C6 main.dll+B20770 99
0x00A1 Kutani Pottery Treasure 0x01C7 main.dll+B20772 99
0x00A2 Unused 0x01C8 main.dll+B20774
0x00A3 Incense Burner Treasure 0x01C9 main.dll+B20776 99
0x00A4 Vase Treasure 0x01CA main.dll+B20778 99
0x00A5 Silver Pocket Watch Treasure 0x01CB main.dll+B2077A 99
0x00A6 Rat Statue Treasure 0x01CC main.dll+B2077C 99
0x00A7 Bull Horn Treasure 0x01CD main.dll+B2077E 99
0x00A8 Unused 0x01CE main.dll+B20780
0x00A9 Etched Glass Treasure 0x01CF main.dll+B20782 99
0x00AA Lacquerware Set Treasure 0x01D0 main.dll+B20784 99
0x00AB Wooden Bear Treasure 0x01D1 main.dll+B20786 99
0x00AC Unused 0x01D2 main.dll+B20788
0x00AD Glass Beads Treasure 0x01D3 main.dll+B2078A 99
0x00AE Dragonfly Bead Treasure 0x01D4 main.dll+B2078C 99
0x00AF Unused 0x01D5 main.dll+B2078E
0x00B0 Coral Fragment Treasure 0x01D6 main.dll+B20790 99
0x00B1 Crystal Treasure 0x01D7 main.dll+B20792 99
0x00B2 Pearl Treasure 0x01D8 main.dll+B20794 99
0x00B3 Ruby Tassels Treasure 0x01D9 main.dll+B20796 99
0x00B4 Bull Statue Treasure 0x01DA main.dll+B20798 99
0x00B5 Tiger Statue Treasure 0x01DB main.dll+B2079A 99
0x00B6 Rabbit Statue Treasure 0x01DC main.dll+B2079C 99
0x00B7 Dragon Statue Treasure 0x01DD main.dll+B2079E 99
0x00B8 Snake Statue Treasure 0x01DE main.dll+B207A0 99
0x00B9 Horse Statue Treasure 0x01DF main.dll+B207A2 99
0x00BA Sheep Statue Treasure 0x01E0 main.dll+B207A4 99
0x00BB Monkey Statue Treasure 0x01E1 main.dll+B207A6 99
0x00BC Rooster Statue Treasure 0x01E2 main.dll+B207A8 99
0x00BD Dog Statue Treasure 0x01E3 main.dll+B207AA 99
0x00BE Boar Statue Treasure 0x01E4 main.dll+B207AC 99
0x00BF Cat Statue Treasure 0x01E5 main.dll+B207AE 99
0x00C0 Sapphire Tassels Treasure 0x01E6 main.dll+B207B0 99
0x00C1 Emerald Tassels Treasure 0x01E7 main.dll+B207B2 99
0x00C2 Turqoise Tassels Treasure 0x01E8 main.dll+B207B4 99
0x00C3 Agate Tassels Treasure 0x01E9 main.dll+B207B6 99
0x00C4 Amber Tassels Treasure 0x01EA main.dll+B207B8 99
0x00C5 Cat's Eye Tassels Treasure 0x01EB main.dll+B207BA 99
0x00C6 Amethyst Tassels Treasure 0x01EC main.dll+B207BC 99
0x00C7 Jade Tassels Treasure 0x01ED main.dll+B207BE 99
0x00C8 Karmic Returner KT 0x01EE main.dll+B207C0 1
0x00C9 Karmic Transformer 2 KT 0x01EF main.dll+B207C2 1
0x00CA Karmic Transformer 6 KT 0x01F0 main.dll+B207C4 1
0x00CB Karmic Transformer 5 KT 0x01F1 main.dll+B207C6 1
0x00CC Stray Bead Collectible 0x01F2 main.dll+B207C8 99
0x00CD String of Beads Holy Artifact 0x01F3 main.dll+B207CA 1
0x00CE Giant Salmon Fish 0x01F4 main.dll+B207CC 1
0x00CF Karmic Transformer 4 KT 0x01F5 main.dll+B207CE 1
0x00D0 Supreme Tuna Fish 0x01F6 main.dll+B207D0 999
0x00D1 Mountain Trout Fish 0x01F7 main.dll+B207D2 999
0x00D2 Red Snapper Fish 0x01F8 main.dll+B207D4 999
0x00D3 Striped Snapper Fish 0x01F9 main.dll+B207D6 999
0x00D4 Salmon Fish 0x01FA main.dll+B207D8 999
0x00D5 Koi Fish 0x01FB main.dll+B207DA 999
0x00D6 Huchen Fish 0x01FC main.dll+B207DC 999
0x00D7 Robalo Fish 0x01FD main.dll+B207DE 999
0x00D8 Black Bass Fish 0x01FE main.dll+B207E0 999
0x00D9 Clownfish Fish 0x01FF main.dll+B207E2 999
0x00DA Bonito Fish 0x0200 main.dll+B207E4 999
0x00DB Yellowtail Fish 0x0201 main.dll+B207E6 999
0x00DC Sweetfish Fish 0x0202 main.dll+B207E8 999
0x00DD Trout Fish 0x0203 main.dll+B207EA 999
0x00DE Smelt Fish 0x0204 main.dll+B207EC 999
0x00DF Killifish Fish 0x0205 main.dll+B207EE 999
0x00E0 Flying Fish Fish 0x0206 main.dll+B207F0 999
0x00E1 Sturgeon Fish 0x0207 main.dll+B207F2 999
0x00E2 Sunfish Fish 0x0208 main.dll+B207F4 999
0x00E3 Freshwater Eel Fish 0x0209 main.dll+B207F6 999
0x00E4 Loach Fish 0x020A main.dll+B207F8 999
0x00E5 Moray Fish 0x020B main.dll+B207FA 999
0x00E6 Oarfish Fish 0x020C main.dll+B207FC 999
0x00E7 Monkfish Fish 0x020D main.dll+B207FE 999
0x00E8 Catfish Fish 0x020E main.dll+B20800 999
0x00E9 Giant Catfish Fish 0x020F main.dll+B20802 999
0x00EA Goby Fish 0x0210 main.dll+B20804 999
0x00EB Lobster Fish 0x0211 main.dll+B20806 999
0x00EC Crawfish Fish 0x0212 main.dll+B20808 999
0x00ED Scallop Fish 0x0213 main.dll+B2080A 999
0x00EE Nautilus Fish 0x0214 main.dll+B2080C 999
0x00EF Manta Fish 0x0215 main.dll+B2080E 999
0x00F0 Blowfish Fish 0x0216 main.dll+B20810 999
0x00F1 River Crab Fish 0x0217 main.dll+B20812 999
0x00F2 Starfish Fish 0x0218 main.dll+B20814 999
0x00F3 Marlin Fish 0x0219 main.dll+B20816 999
0x00F4 Loggerhead Turtle Fish 0x021A main.dll+B20818 999
0x00F5 Sea Horse Fish 0x021B main.dll+B2081A 999
0x00F6 Octopus Fish 0x021C main.dll+B2081C 999
0x00F7 Squid Fish 0x021D main.dll+B2081E 999
0x00F8 Tsuta Ruins Map Map 0x021E main.dll+B20820 1
0x00F9 Moon Cave Map Map 0x021F main.dll+B20822 1
0x00FA Imperial Palace Map Map 0x0220 main.dll+B20824 1
0x00FB Oni Island Map Map 0x0221 main.dll+B20826 1
0x00FC Wawku Shrine Map Map 0x0222 main.dll+B20828 1
0x00FD Gale Shrine Map Map 0x0223 main.dll+B2082A 1
0x00FE Whopper Fish 0x0224 main.dll+B2082C 1
0x00FF Cutlass Fish Fish 0x0225 main.dll+B2082E 1