Kannon Room

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Note: This page describes a glitch, trick, or exploit. To see others, click here.


Kannon Room is a fast method for crossing the gorge and defeating the gold cannon which blocks the way to Lechku & Nechku in Wawku Shrine. This particular strategy is meant for use with routes which skip Veil of Mist (namely, NG Any%'s faster routes), though it can be used with VM by simply omitting the Inkfinity Stone. VM would have a more lenient window for use than Fireburst due to lacking the brush lockout period.

  • Build gold dash as you approach the edge of the cliff on the starting side.
  • Before Ammy reaches the edge, use an Inkfinity Stone.
  • Jump at full speed across the gorge.
  • Double jump as Ammy begins to fall, but not later than when she would fall below the level of the cliffs.
  • Before Ammy falls to low, use Blizzard by drawing a line straight down from the large ice pillar on the far side.
  • Hold forward to dash full speed across the bridge of ice platforms.
  • Hold the brush button after using Blizzard to use Fireburst as soon as possible.
  • Continue crossing the ice bridge. If there are any gaps, do a short jump over them.
  • Before the cannons fire again, when Ammy is close to the end of the bridge, jump or tackle jump off it toward the cliff where the cannons are.
  • As Ammy is moving toward the cliff, brush and use PS to reflect the gold cannon's first shot. It should be the only cannon shot not in a group of 3.
  • As soon as you reflect the shot, or as soon as possible should you get hit by another cannon shot, Fireburst again.
  • When the cannon is about to fire, jump low above the ground so that the cannon doesn't fire into the ground, making the shot explode before it can be reflected.
  • Hold brush to reflect the cannon's second shot as soon as possible.

If you fail the strat at any point, one can get back into the cycle by doing as follows:

  • Wait until the gold cannon just fires a shot.
  • Use Fireburst.
  • When the cannon is about to fire, jump. You can double jump and air tackle to widen the window.
  • Hold brush and PS to reflect the shot.
  • If you need to reflect another shot, Fireburst and repeat.


This particular strat was first suggested by Astral/Straybeads on 3 Oct 2020 during a livestream by Auride, and was investigated on-stream. It was named after the similar strat tnkn_27kan used in his then-PB shown here: https://youtu.be/sUf2sL7080E?t=8161.