Mistless Blight

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Blight is one of the few bosses which do not require their dungeon's signature brush technique to defeat. While his inital quick-draw attack can only be made vulnerable using Veil of Mist, his second attack, where he raises a spinning circle of swords, can be hit with Cherry Bomb or Power Slash. Goldnail will then be made vulnerable, allowing you to damage Blight. It is possible one-cycle the fight by abusing repeated Fireburst Slowdown (via Inkfinity) and Steel Fisk Sake basic attacks.

Demonstration: https://twitter.com/Krinoteder/status/1210759994800390144?s=20

In the Ark of Yamato, Blight has far less health, so he can be one-cycled using just SFS followed by a ground DI combo, then jump cancelled into a full aerial DI combo.

Demonstration: https://youtu.be/xaIpezqPB4c