Seam Grip

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When a slippery surface meets another slippery surface or a wall, the seam between them will cause Ammy to get stuck in place rather than slipping down. She can then jump to move up the seam. This can sometimes allow Ammy to get out-of-bounds without KT's.


Seam Grip occurs during City Checkpoint Skip, allowing Ammy to scale the bottom part of the rock. It is also used during Nechku Skip to allow Ammy to get onto a stone doorway.

Seam Grip can also be observed in some other locations, though without a known use:

  • In Cursed Agata, right above the entrance from Shinshu Getting OoB here is inconsistent and would barely save a few seconds compared to blooming the sapling normally.
  • In Sasa Sanctuary, along the left cliff-side This would allow for a useful interior clip, but height cannot be gained along this seam without double jump.