Tackle Bounce Ascend

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Note: This page describes a glitch, trick, or exploit. To see others, click here.


If you enter certain cutscenes which force Ammy immediately into a standing position (sometimes called "autostops") on the same frame of a tackle bounce where Ammy gains upwards momentum, she will retain a constant upwards velocity of 7 units per frame until the end of that cutscene. By deliberately not progressing dialog, this can usually be extended indefinitely, allowing you to gain arbitrary height.


Due to the precision and the restrictive activation conditions, this glitch is currently unused.


This glitch was first documented on the cutscene speaking to Kaguya in Sei-an Aristocratic Quarter after defeating Blight by Raku on 29 August 2018 in this video: https://youtu.be/XjIOugnKZNc.