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I started speedrunning Okami in July of 2019 after first playing the game earlier that Summer. I have so far exclusively run New Game Any% and All Brushes on the Switch version at the time of writing, but I own the PC and PS3 versions as well.

I first got WR in NG Any% on September 28th, 2019 (leaderboard entry|YouTube VOD) with a time of 2h 31m 11s not long after NG Early Fireburst was discovered. I no longer hold WR. My current PB is 2h 09m 41s.

I got WR in NG All Brushes on November 17th, 2019 (leaderboard entry|Twitch VOD) with a time of 4h 46m 18s, and my current PB is 3h 38m 42s, which is also no longer WR.

I wrote the NG Any% Beginner route guide, and currently spend more time creating resources than doing runs.

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