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Note: This page describes a strategy for a particular fight or set of fights. To learn more about fight strategies in Okami Speedrunning click here.


Waka is an early-game unique enemy fought in Agata and Cursed Taka. He fights with two swords, one of which he will sometimes throw. He has no invincibility to attacks, and is highly vulnerable to Steel Fist Sake Cherry Bombs.


Agata Forest (Waka 1)

Waka is first encountered in Agata immediately after Blooming the Guardian Sapling. This fight can be skipped in most categories via Waka 1 Skip. He spawns in a random location in the battle arena.


With the String of Beads, Waka 1 can be defeated in a single hit from your sub-rosary.


Waka 1 can be defeated by immediately using a Steel Fist Sake (SFS) and then hitting Waka with 3 Cherry Bombs (CBs). Generally, it's best to draw them in front of Waka so that he floats into them as he moves towards Ammy. If you approach Waka to push the CB into him while he is floating, there is a chance he will leap to the side. CBs will also detonate if Waka throws his sword into them.

Because of the water in the fight arena and Waka's evasive moves, it's not uncommon for a CB to miss, in which case you may have to upgrade ink (if praise is available) to draw more CBs quickly.

Demonstration: https://youtu.be/8gRT-OEv-9s?t=1146

Taka Pass - Cursed (Waka 2)

Waka is encountered again on the way to Bloom the Guardian Sapling in Taka Pass. Unlike Waka 1, this fight cannot be skipped as attempting to Bloom the sapling has no effect until Waka is defeated. Waka has more health than in Agata, but spawns in a static position and in a flat arena with few hazards, making the fight more consistent.


With the String of Beads, Waka 2 can also be defeated in a single hit from your sub-rosary.


Waka 2 can be defeated by 4 SFS-boosted Cherry Bombs. Because Ammy and Waka always start in the same positions, you can reliably start the fight by immediately pausing to use the SFS (and upgrade ink, if it's not already at 4 pots), then drawing a CB either in the grass or next to the lantern behind Waka. This causes the CB to instantly detonate and hit him, without needing to wait for him to walk into it. From there, you can draw 4 CBs directly in front of Waka as he walks towards Ammy. It's possible to complete the fight without moving at all. If needed, you can jump around slightly to preserve dash while maintaining enough distance to prevent Waka from attacking.

Demonstration: https://youtu.be/HTGq5tti94c?t=1064