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Note: This page describes a unit used in Okami. To learn more about the values representing quantities of these units, see Reverse Engineering.


The main currency in Okami is Yen, also known as Ryo in the French version and 両 (Ryō) in Japanese. Yen can be earned from several sources:

  • Digging holes (rare)
  • Breaking pots and other objects (common)
  • Defeating enemies and bosses, either through the yen they drop or directly from the fight results screen
  • Selling items, fish, or treasures to merchants/shops
  • Giving excess yen to the Cherry Bomb/Power Slash 2/3 springs and receiving a refund.
  • Eating food while Ammy has a full Astral Pouch
  • Collecting coins placed statically in certain places, such as during the races with Tobi in Oni Island

Yen is spent in 4 main ways:

  • Buying items and Divine Instruments from Merchants
  • Buying Cherry Bomb/Power Slash 2/3 from their respective springs
  • Buying Techniques from the Dojo
  • Healing via the Wood Mat


  • Yen is stored as an unsigned 4 Byte int.
    • Ammy's actual current Yen count is stored at main.dll+B205E0.
    • The Yen displayed in the UI (which steadily ticks up and down when Ammy gains or loses yen, respectively) is stored at main.dll+B1CFE4
    • The maximum amount of Yen Ammy can hold (the max purse size) is stored as an array of 4 adjacent ints, starting at main.dll+B1CFE4. The actual value used is determined the Purse Upgrade Count value, which is incremented by spending Praise.
    • The total amount of Yen you've collected across a play-through (displayed on the Total Results screen at the end of the game) is stored at main.dll+B21758. Spending Yen doesn't affect this value. Setting Ammy's Current Yen via Cheat Engine also doesn't affect this value.
    • The amount of times you've upgraded the max purse size is stored as a single byte at main.dll+B205E4.