Zones (.MEH/.SCA/.SCI) File Format

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Note: This page pertains to Reverse Engineering of Okami.


This file describes different zones that trigger things when Ammy enters them, such as: loading zones, triggering events, the ability to examine an object, showing tooltips, or making Issun indicate things.

When describing a loading zone, it refers to Exit Destination (.JMP) Format for the destination.

File Format


Start (Byte) Width (Bytes) Type Field Name Note
0 4 uint32 header File extension followed by 00.
4 2 uint16 unknown Always 00 01 or 01 00.
6 2 uint16 entry_count Number of zones.
8 8 uint64 padding Not entirely accurate - all 00 in SCA and SCI, but not in MEH
16 ZoneEntry array entries One for each zone definition.
00 padding Pad for 32 byte alignment.

ZoneEntry Format

Describes a single zone definition.

Start (Byte) Width (Bytes) Type Field Name Note
0 8 uint64 pre_entry Always 00.
8 1 uint8 always01 Always 01.
9 1 uint8 zone_shape 01 for quadrilateral prism, 02 for cylinder.
10 2 uint16 pad Always 00 00.
12 4 float y Bottom Y value.
16 4 float height Height of zone.
20 4 float radius Radius of zone if cylinder.
24 8 float[2] p1 Initial point of shape: center if cylinder (x, z)
32 8 float[2] p2 Second point of quadrilateral, connects to p1 and p3.
40 8 float[2] p3 Third point of quadrilateral, connects to p2 and p4.
48 8 float[2] p4 Fourth point of quadrilateral, connects to p3 and p1.
56 1 uint8 unknown2 Unknown.
57 1 uint8 entry_type See below.
58 2 uint16 effect_index Only partially known. It's an index into something - on a dialogue, if you change this, something different is said. But is it the flag index or an index into another file?
60 116 (100 if PS2) uint8 unknown_data Unknown.


Value Meaning
00 Bit Flag (dialogue, fight triggers, etc.)
01 Loading Zone
02 Unknown
03 Unknown
04 Examine
05 Issun indicates and object by jumping to it and glowing gold.
06 Issun jumps around Ammy glowing green.
07 Unknown
08 Unknown
09 Seems to give the area outer collisions but you can still jump in through the top.
0A Examine Tooltip