Canine Warriors

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Note: This page describes a strategy for a particular fight or set of fights. To learn more about fight strategies in Okami Speedrunning click here.


Of the 8 Canine Warriors, 4 must be fought to get the Satomi Power Orbs from Fuse and enter Gale Shrine (without Gale Shrine Early):

  • Tei (in Kusa Village)
  • Take (AKA Gi, in Sasa Sanctuary)
  • Ume (AKA Jin, in Agata Forest)
  • Hayabusa (AKA Chu, in Kamiki Village)

They share many basic moves/attacks, but they each have their own quirks when fighting them. Their basic moveset includes two attacks with invincibility, both indicated with an audio cue and a glowing effect:

  • A long-range straight dash towards Ammy. This has invincibility on startup, but they become vulnerable as soon as they start moving.
  • A series of 3 strikes. They are fully invincible until the end of the last strike, but there is a long vulnerable period afterwards.

Both of these attacks can be cancelled by hitting the dog with Power Slash, but they will immediately begin another action, which includes the possibility of starting another invincible attack.

Generally, the best strategy for each of these fights is Steel Fist Sake-boosted Cherry Bombs, though their evasive and invincible attacks can make these fights challenging and inconsistent. If they use the invincible straight dash attack, you can draw a Cherry Bomb between them and Ammy, and it will blow up when they run into it, cancelling their attack.


Kusa Village (Tei)

Tei has less health and a smaller moveset than the other Canine Warriors, making this fight relatively easy. Tei does have access to both invincible attacks, but uses them relatively rarely.


Tei can be reliably defeated with an immediate sub-rosary powered by the String of Bead.



Immediately when the fight begins, you can use a Steel Fist Sake (SFS) and then draw a Cherry Bomb (CB) right in front of Tei. Then, walk forward to push it into him. Walk away and then repeat to defeat Tei. The vast majority of the time, Tei will not take any actions before the fight ends. On rare occasion, Tei may move rapidly around or use the invincible attacks. If he uses the straight dash, simply draw a CB between him and Ammy so he runs into it. If a CB ends up far away with no chance to hit Tei, you can Powerslash it to destroy it and draw another CB faster.