Crashes and Softlocks

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There are a number of crashes or softlocks in Okami that may affect a player, particularly when using certain speedrun strategies. Many of the softlock scenarios can be lockpicked using KT Glitch, but will permanently trap new game files.



  • Dojo Clip can result in a softlock if you fail the trick. There is a black box of collision surrounding the dojo, which you cannot escape if you incur a near miss when falling into the dojo.
  • Fireburst Early can result in a softlock if you fail the trick. If you land in the cat chef's oven, you're cooked.
  • Gale Shrine Origin Warp will softlock you in new game if you lack double jump to perform Gale Shrine Escape. There is no known way to escape the elevator or upper floors with single jump, and it is locked by a Lockjaw whose key cannot be reached. You can die to a demon scroll to respawn at a golden gate, if you have activated one previously.
  • Oni Island Origin Warp will softlock you in new game. It can be achieved by 1st frame jumping into the lava. KT Glitch is required to prevent yourself from repeatedly free-falling to a void plane, which loops the origin warp infinitely.
  • ICB will softlock you if you warp to North Ryoshima prior to killing the water dragon.
  • Early Thunderstorm can result in a softlock if you rejuvenate Gekigami while in midair and do not complete the constellation before you drown. Amaterasu will fall down the cliff, and begin drowning, if you look at the constellation without brushing. Once Amaterasu drowns, the constellation will no longer work.
  • Sasa Early can result in a softlock if you fall directly into Jamba's room on the 2nd floor, and then trigger the elevator while it is still on the 1st floor. The result is being put in an elevator box with no exit. This has been escaped once with double jump, but is believed to be inescapable with single jump.
  • Sasa Early will also result in a softlock if you perform it in new game without activating any mermaid springs. The door to the sanctuary is closed without rescuing Chun, and you cannot use the mermaid coin provided by Mr. Bamboo unless you have another location to warp to.
  • Fighting a boss without the required brush power will result in a softlock. Spider Queen cannot be damaged without vine, Ninetails cannot be damaged without thunderstorm, Crimson Helm cannot be damaged without galestorm, Orochi cannot be damaged without waterspout. You could die to escape.
  • Fighting certain enemies without the brush required power will result in a softlock. The most notable instance of this is the igloo turtle fight trigger shortly after blooming Kamui, which cannot be escaped and cannot be defeated without inferno or fireburst. You could die to escape.