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Note: This page describes a glitch, trick, or exploit. To see others, click here.


KT (Karmic Transformer) glitch is a trick that exploits a glitch in the Karmic Transformers and allows Amaterasu to jump infinitely. Due to needing Karmic Transformers, this glitch is only possible in NG+.

The most useful variation of this glitch is performed by using a Karmic Transformer while in the air. Immediately after switching KTs, close the menu and press the tackle button on the first frame after the fan closes. This will allow Amaterasu to do a ground tackle while in the air, and a ground dash can be interrupted by a jump input. Due to being frame perfect, this glitch can be extremely hard for new players so it is recommended to use the video tutorial to learn.

Note: A normal KT cannot be done over water, however a similar glitch called a liquid KT can be performed to infinitely jump over water.

In the versions after the PS3 version the regular KT glitch in mid-air has been patched, but Liquid and Slope KT's are possible in all versions. This means that NG+ Any% and NG+ All Brushes can only be run optimally on the PS2, Wii and PS3. The NG+ 2017 category corresponds to a more limited NG+ Any% which only uses the Liquid and Slope KT's available on the PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One versions of the game.

Video Tutorial

A useful tutorial to learn how to KT. Credit: Chrono23 https://www.youtube.com/embed/XkGc1yluxV8

Liquid KT

A Liquid KT is a KT performed over water or lava. It works slightly differently, not requiring the frame perfect dash input.

It works by doing a regular air dash close above water, then quickly opening the menu to switch KT. After the menu closes, you have to time a jump input to get the jump. The quicker you are with opening the menu after the air dash, the more momentum you'll have after the KT. Also, if you jump on the exact frame the menu is closed, you'll lose the air dash you usually get after preforming the glitch.

Notable uses

  • Fire Tablet Skip
  • Agata Bridge Skip
  • After getting Holy Eagle jumping back to the mainland
  • After getting the key in Water Dragon towards the water column
  • Reaching the Sunken Ship faster to avoid drowning

Slope KT

Slope KTs work very similarly to liquid KTs. The main difference is that you don't even need to do an air dash to get it. Simply be touching a slope, the type where you slide off, and switch KT. You can jump in the same way as a liquid KT. To make life easier, dash into the slope and the moment you bonk preform the KT. This way you won't lose extra height to sliding on the slope. You can also perform a ground tackle out of a slope KT to gain more horizontal momentum.

Bork KT

BKT is a variant of mid-air KT, which is still usable in NG+ 2017 to achieve infinite jumping. After switching karmic transformers, frame perfectly input the talk button to bark in midair. In the final frame of the bark animation, you can D Boost a tackle to reset your jump. This trick can functionally be used to replace mid-air KTs used in original NG+. However, Amaterasu will lose height while barking, and you must input two consecutive frame perfect inputs per BKT. Therefore, it is significantly more challenging to perform NG+ skips with BKTs instead of original KTs.

Demonstration: https://youtu.be/cSb76wtMJFc

Fleetfoot KT

FKTs are a much harder version of BKTs because fleetfoots lose you alot of height. They are still usable in NG+ 2017 but currently have no use.


The KT glitch was discovered by Groobo in either late 2006 or early 2007. The first mention of it can be found on Okami's original Speed Demos Archive (SDA) thread: https://forum.speeddemosarchive.com/post/okami_%C2%BB_runned_by_groobo_segs_13_on_pg._84.html#okami_%C2%BB_runned_by_groobo_segs_13_on_pg._84. Groobo remembers the discovery like so:

"I knew more or less what we could skip if we could reach arbitrary heights, so at some point I went ahead and started mashing all gamepad buttons after using everything you can use through your inventory, one by one
that's how kts were found btw
then liquid kts, pretty much when I randomly managed to get over agata river with them after countless failed attempts
slope kts came last after I tried applying the same concept from liquid kts to other things"

Fleetfoot KT's were discovered by RiftyRTA on 11 April, 2021.

Bork KT's were discovered by RiftyRTA on 11 April, 2021.