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  • Must start game from a fresh NG+ file.
  • Run must be single segment.
  • Only IGT (in game time) is counted for leaderboards.
    • For timers, runners usually begin time at the first cutscene and end time when Yami dies.
  • These routes are based on the KT glitch and therefore are only possible on PS2, PS3, and Wii versions of the game.

File Setup

A NG+ file is setup after beating the game and choosing to save. In order to optimize menu-ing in the route, the following items are recommended to have at the end of the game:

  • At least 1 Karmic Transformer (Preferably all 9)
  • All 100 stray beads
  • Peace Bell
  • At least 52 large exorcism slips (more is always better)
  • Gold dusted eighth wonder
  • Gold dusted resurrection beads

All other sell-able items should be sold before completing the game to speed up menu-ing.

In addition, it is recommended to set up a new file after completing the run once, tripping up at any brush learning as often as possible. This will guarantee that all cutscenes are able to be skipped.

Cherry Bomb Route (Beginner)

Cherry Bombless Route (Advanced)

River of the Heavens and Kamiki Village

Cave of Nagi
  • Run all the way to the river of heavens. At the headbutting pots section, jump straight onto the platform rather than walking around.
  • Go right after reaching the river and get Rejuv. Go to the end of the section and get Powerslash.
  • When running back, keep the left of the red tori’s to skip the first two fights.
  • Run all the way back to Kamiki and cut down the fruit.
  • Run all the way down to the exit and do Kamiki Boulder Skip.

Hana Valley

Hana Valley
  • After exiting Kamiki run to Hana Valley.
  • Run up to the campfire and equip resurrection beads, eighth wonder, the string of beads and the peace bell during the fight.
  • Finish the fight with an L slip.
  • Run further up and use an L slip against the Yellow Imp fight.
  • Draw Sunrise on the tablet to open the way.
  • Go to the back and do the Susano mini-game
  • Grab the ball and push it up to the platform. Draw a Sunrise in the sky above the waterfall behind you.
  • After learning Bloom start running back and do Yellow Imp Skip. Use 1 L slip if you miss it.
  • Run towards the entrance. At the campfire, run around to the right, close to the edge, to skip the fight. Run to Shinshu.

Agata Early to Waterspout

Shinshu Field
  • Bloom the sapling then run up along the river towards the Agata Forest entrance.
  • Using 3 KTs get up to the upper part above the waterway and enter Agata.
Agata Forest
  • Use the Brush Adventure from Agata Bloom Tricks to bloom Agata.
  • After blooming run through the tunnel. Turn left at the waterfall.
  • At the black stripe, wall jump up and use a bonk to get extra height. Do 1 KT and get up the higher area, skipping Waka.
  • Run a little close to the right towards the cliff near the Mermaid spring.
  • Do another wall jump, bonk into KT and get up next to the railing towards the spring.
  • Activate the spring then run down to Taka Pass.
  • Use one Liquid KT to jump over the river and get into Taka Pass.
Taka Pass
  • Run up to the further side of the clip, and use another Bonk KT to get up to the upper platform.
  • Go into the tunnel and fight Waka at the end, using one charged glaive hit.
  • Run back up to the upper part and towards the Sapling to bloom it.
  • After blooming go to the mermaid spring and clear the demon gate to open it.
  • Run to the right into Sasa Sanctuary.
Sasa Sanctuary
  • Go right and do Early Sasa Sanctuary using the NG+ method.
  • Go to the dried up hot spring and do the digging game to get Waterspout.
  • When you're on the upper platform,o one wall jump then do 3-4 KTs to the right to exit Sasa.
  • Go to City Checkpoint.
  • Jump down into the water and do City Checkpoint Skip.

Ryo Coast to North Ryo Coast

Ryoshima Coast