Galestorm Platform Escape

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After obtaining Galestorm, it is possible to get out-of-bounds and escape the viewing platform at the top of the windmill. You can then fall back to the bottom floor of the dungeon and leave, saving time over leaving the normal way. One method to do this is to KT Jump over the invisible walls around the platform.

It is also possible to escape without KT's by doing an Air Ground Tackle off the slightly higher floor that goes through the windmill's shaft, then double jumping and air-tackle-bouncing over the barrier (see This is possible in NG, though it requires getting double jump before Gale Shrine using City Checkpoint Skip. Overall, the extra movement required to do this is currently estimated to cost 30-40 seconds in NG Any%, but this trick saves about 20 seconds versus leaving the dungeon normally. Despite this net time-loss, this is currently done in the NG Any% WR route (at the time of writing) in order to put CC Skip and the first Fire Tablet Skip approximately 15 minutes earlier in the run, allowing for earlier resets if either trick goes poorly.