Igloo Turtle Skip

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In Kamui, after Blooming the Guardian Sapling, there is a large fight trigger covering the entire width of the area to the North. This initiates a fight with an Igloo Turtle, which cannot be defeated without either Inferno or Fireburst. The trigger is too tall and deep to simply jump over, but can be skipped via KT's or by using a long-ranged Vine to go around the trigger.

Via KT's (NG+)

While this trick is also done in NG+ All Brushes, in NG+ Any% skipping this fight is imperative. If the trigger is hit, you will be softlocked because the route skips both Inferno and Fireburst, and there is no way to damage the Igloo Turtle without them. The trigger can be cleared in 2 KT's, though more may be done for safety.

Demonstration: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/623901417?t=1h3m44s

Via Vine (NG)

In NG, this massive fight trigger can be avoided by activating the Vine Flower which is normally used to get to the CB3 cave, then using it to take Ammy through the air while hugging the invisible collision surrounding the Guardian Sapling. Normally, flowers will not open and become "Vine-able" until Ammy gets within a certain spherical radius from them. However, it's possible to perform a certain movement pattern which will cause the flower to open from much farther away, allowing Ammy to vine it from behind the fight trigger. Note that the exact mechanics behind this are not rigorously understood, so this description is a best guess based on in-game observation:

The flower initially defaults to an "unactivated" state. In this state, the flower will only open (i.e. become Vine-able) when Ammy gets very close, as described above. This zone is too small to be used for Igloo Turtle Skip as it's entirely behind the fight trigger. You can alter this by "activating" the flower. When the flower is activated, it will open when you enter a larger, apparently cylindrical volume. To activate the flower, you must:

  1. Load the flower by getting Ammy within a certain radius of it.
    • The exact distance is unclear, but it's about the same distance as when the camera would begin to render the flower. This conditional doesn't depend on the position of the camera itself, however.
    • In this particular case, it is good enough to get to the edge of the flat path where it meets the raised snow, going in the direction of the flower.
  2. Get line-of-sight to the flower, such that there is no collision (including invisible walls) directly between Ammy and the flower.
    • We can quickly achieve this by dashing away from the flower and double jumping for height to get an unobstructed line.
    • The flower doesn't have to remain within render distance for this step.

Once the flower is activated, you can dash toward the South West side of the wall beneath the Guardian Sapling. From here, jump off the snow, wall jump, and air tackle bounce for height, then brush and Vine. Some camera angling may be required for the brush to lock on to the flower. Ammy will likely get stuck on some invisible collision. Allow the Vine to sever itself after a couple seconds, then quickly Vine again. Repeat until Ammy has clipped through and reaches the flower. Finally, simply jump down from the ledge and proceed toward Wep'keer.

Demonstration: https://youtu.be/6FsajWiG7tE