Wep'keer Gate Skip

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Normally, to go through the gate to Ezofuji in Wep'keer, one must talk to a few different villagers to convince them to open it and let Ammy through. This can be skipped by either KT'ing over the gate, or getting out-of-bounds and going around the gate.

Via KT's (NG+)

It is simple enough to KT directly over the gate. The invisible wall isn't much higher than the wall itself. Some care should be taken not to fall between the front and back walls of the gate, as there is no top collision. One can start from the large boulder to the South of the gate to have more height. The gate can be cleared in 2 KT's.

Demonstration: https://youtu.be/6zAyWckl-58?t=3930

Via OoB (NG)

It's possible to jump from the pen area where the bears are onto some slippery collision across the gap to the West. From there, you can climb North up the invisible collision beneath the mountain by repeatedly doing tackle jumps. Near the peak of the collision, Ammy will start to be visible above the mountain's textures. At this point, it's possible to jump over the invisible wall to the East. From here, you must continue traveling around the invisible collision going East, then North East, until you are a fair bit North of the gate. By falling into the acute angle between the slippery slope and the invisible wall, Ammy should clip back in-bounds. From there, simply head into the Ezofuji loading zone.

Demonstration: https://youtu.be/_e5v-Zv632U?t=6977