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Normally, in Cursed Kamui, one is blocked from progressing toward the main area with the Guardian Sapling by a large Issun dialogue trigger. Issun warns Ammy about the blizzard coming through the tunnel, which prevents her from going through. In order to clear the blizzard (and Issun's trigger) in the tunnel, you must defeat Oki. Oki's hut is itself surrounded by a trigger for a fight with several Namahage. Then, one would use Thunderstorm on Yoichi's arrow to explode the mountain which surrounds the sapling.

All of this can be skipped by using either KT's or a Brush Adventure to Bloom the sapling from out-of-bounds.

Via KT's (NG+)

After entering Kamui from the tunnel, head North toward the wall separating the two areas. KT over the invisible barrier, then fall down through the top of the wall and below the ground. KT toward the Sapling while remaining underground. When you are below the sapling, brush and turn the camera up, then draw a circle around the tree to Bloom it. You need to be reasonably close to the tree both laterally and vertically for the Bloom to take.

Via Brush Adventure (NG)

To do this trick via Brush Adventure amounts to essentially the same trick as doing it with KT's. Due to the finicky nature of Brush camera movement, there are a variety of paths one can take, making a compromise between speed, consistency, and comfort. As such, it is recommended to view the methods of different runners and experimenting in practice by setting a save at the Cursed Kamui Origin Mirror.


Some tips:

  • The starting position isn't particularly strict. Experiment with moving left or right of what's shown in the videos. Use the markings on the wall to align yourself.
  • The trick starts by using outer camera, then switching to inner camera but interrupting the zoom-in by using the brush. The timing of this affects how zoomed out the camera is to start, which can affect the movement for the remainder of the trick. You cannot simply use outer camera for the whole trick, as only inner camera will remain in-place during re-brushes. Outer camera will always snap back to Ammy.
  • Especially during the initial movement where the camera is rotated to raise it above the invisible wall, it is possible that the camera will snap back to Ammy due to hitting some collision. This can be consistently avoided by re-brushing during the movement, though this takes extra time.