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Note: This page describes a glitch, trick, or exploit. To see others, click here.


Sleep Walking is a glitch/mechanic which can be used to prevent Ammy's respawn coordinates from updating while she's moving on the ground. Sleep Walking is activated whenever Ammy either switches Karmic Transformers while very low above the ground (e.g. immediately after initiating a jump, or just before landing), or when landing on the same frame as a day-night transition (which isn't actually frame perfect due to jumping stalling the transition). If you are holding a movement direction when either of these things occurs, Ammy will enter the Sleep Walking state. This state is cancelled by a few different things:

  • Becoming airborne and then entering the landing animation (though this can be avoided by simply switching KT's again right before landing.)
  • Entering Ammy's idle/standing animation (i.e. stop moving)
  • Exiting the water by simply walking onto land (as opposed to jumping out of the water)
  • Going through a loading zone to a separate map (though a loading zone within the same map, e.g. to an interior, does not cancel the state.)
  • Most cutscenes

Sleep Walking can, in theory, be used to keep Ammy's respawn point frozen in place for an arbitrary amount of time, as long as the above restrictions are abided. In practice, this is only really useful for Origin Warps.


The only significant application for Sleep Walking is for Gale Shrine Origin Warp. To do this, you must first get a jump on the first possible frame after entering the Gale Shrine map, then activate Sleep Walk by switching KT's before landing. You can then tackle and dash all the way down the tunnel and either air KT over the invisible wall to void out, or continue to the damage barrier to do an Astral Pouch Origin Warp.

Void Out OW Demonstration:

Astral Pouch OW Demonstration:


While this glitch has doubtlessly been unknowingly activated by many players, even casuals, the first clear demonstration of Sleep Walking's effects were observed during a run by SaundersTech, where they walked along the ground yet still successfully performed the OW: Auride then used Cheat Engine to discover the underlying mechanic.