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Note: This page describes a glitch, trick, or exploit. To see others, click here.


In some situations, such as when approaching certain low walls/platforms, Ammy will automatically jump without the need to press the jump button. This is called an auto-jump. If you immediately interrupt an auto-jump with a wall jump, the upward momentum of the two will stack. This is called an auto wall jump (aka mega auto jump). The sooner the wall jump is performed after the auto-jump, the greater the resulting height. With perfect timing, auto wall jumps give Ammy greater height than could be achieved through a full-height double or wall jump.

Auto wall jumps can be performed anywhere there is a valid wall sufficiently close to a place where auto-jumps can be triggered. This includes auto-jumps out of water, even Corner Jumps.


Despite being possible in many areas, there is only one known instance where an auto wall jump is currently useful for speedruns.

  • In the Sunken Ship, an auto wall jump can be performed using the barrel in first large room. This allows Ammy to clear the middle wall, skipping the majority of the dungeon. See This trick currently only appears in NG Any% with Fire Tablet and Top Dog. In NG+ categories and NG Any%, the Sunken Ship is skipped entirely. In NG AB, the Sunken Ship is instead beaten using an out-of-bounds clip method which requires Water Lily.
  • Before Stair Clip was found in NG, going to the Ryoshima Coast Dojo without Water Lily was done by doing an auto wall jump out of a Corner Jump to the right side of the island.