Sunken Ship Skips

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Note: This page describes a glitch, trick, or exploit. To see others, click here.


The Sunken Ship is effectively a mini-dungeon which normally requires the player to raise and lower the water level using Crescent and Sunrise to solve it. There are several different ways of sequence breaking it to reach the end far more quickly than intended.

Auto Wall Jump Route

The simplest way to beat the Sunken Ship, and the method used in NG Any% runs with Fire Tablet, is to perform an Auto Wall Jump immediately in the main room of the dungeon to get onto the middle wall. This completely skips raising or lowering the water, as you can simply fire the cannon to grab the key, then finish the dungeon.


NG Out of Bounds Clip

Normally, you can only change the water level from the North West room of the ship. However, by performing a Brush Adventure to clip the camera through the floor, you can use Sunrise or Crescent on the trigger area from nearly anywhere in the ship. If one positions Ammy under the lowest point in the ceiling at the foot of the stairs in the first room, then raises the water level with Crescent, Ammy will be clipped through the ceiling as the water rises. This will place Ammy out-of-bounds after the cutscene, at which point you can navigate directly to the final room.

In NG All Brushes, after clipping, Water Lily is used to navigate around the East side of the main room. You then go under the middle wall and clip back in by jumping or swimming through the stairs behind the lockjaw. This is roughly 15s faster than the Auto Wall Jump route.

This isn't done in NG Any% since you don't normally have enough breath to make it normally. The water's collision doesn't extend infinitely, and it's possible to fall out-of-bounds and void out. It is possible to get an air refill by barely hitting the edge of the water, but immediately falling back into the water, but this is too precise and risky to do in runs.

If you void out here, you will respawn in front of the cursed door to the water-level-change room. If this happens, it is a major time loss, as you must lower the water, fight Jiro and Saburo, then do the Auto Wall jump to complete the dungeon.


NG+ Out of Bounds Clip

Follow the same steps as above to clip out of bounds. From here, instead of using Water Lily to go around the right, instead jump left, over the edge of the water collision, then KT under the water directly toward the stairs. KT back through the water, then jump through the stairs and complete the dungeon.


Top Dog Route

Similar to the OoB routes, use a Brush Adventure to raise the water level from the first room. However, don't bother positioning Ammy under the low ceiling, and instead just let her remain in-bounds and drown. This will place her by the water-level-change room, just like voiding out. From there, follow these steps:

  1. Break the cursed door you spawn in front of, then immediately double back and fight Ichiro (the shark).
  2. Go to the room through the cursed door you just broke. Dig up the clover for praise and Crescent to raise the water.
  3. Run back again and fight Jiro and Saburo (the crabs).
  4. Go to the main room and Auto Wall Jump over the middle wall.
  5. Power Slash the cannon, draw a CB in it, and jump down to grab the key.
  6. Instead of going straight to the lockjaw, go to the right pathway and kill all the imp ghosts for demon fangs.
  7. Go down the hall and grab Stray Bead #57.
  8. Go further, jump to the alcove on the right to avoid the seaweed monster hand. Tackle the chest and grab the pearl, since that doesn't waste any time.
  9. Go and roll the spiky barrels over the seaweed monster's face for praise.
  10. Jump into the left corner, then jump off the slippery collision to get up to the ledge with the Monkey Statue.
  11. Jump down and go all the way back to the Lockjaw.
  12. Grab the Lacquerware Set, Lucky Mallet, and Stray Bead #58.
  13. Leave. Don't get eaten by the Water Dragon.


Old Strats

NG+ Single KT

Similar to the Auto Wall Jump strat, you go onto the middle wall right as you enter. However instead of jumping down, on the top of the first stairs you jump straight ahead and using one KT Jump you can easily land on the middle wall. From where you can finish the dungeon same as with the Wall Jump Strat.