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Note: This page describes a glitch, trick, or exploit. To see others, click here.


In Tsuta Ruins, the room before the Spider Queen boss arena is normally accessed by making four Vines at the top of the central statue to lift the lid blocking the entrance. In reality, this room is physically located directly below the room where Vine is obtained. Cookie Clip is a trick for getting out-of-bounds in the Vine room to fall into the final room, saving about 18 seconds. This is done by way of a Brush Adventure to enable a Vine Jump through the room's wall.

This trick is considered fairly difficult, especially in relation to the relatively small amount of time it saves. It is used in NG Any% and NG AB. It is not used in Top Dog, as one must go back to certain parts of the dungeon after obtaining Vine to collect a Stray Bead. It is not used in NG+ as the Spider Queen can be skipped via Agata Bridge Skip.


  1. Immediately after completing the Vine tutorial, dash and jump into the wall just to the right of the entrance, preserving dash.
  2. Switch to outer camera (preferably on the run from the tutorial to the position) and rotate it so that it's raised all the way up (pointing down at Ammy) and close to the wall without being pushed inward by it.
  3. Press the camera button to switch to inner camera, but immediately press the brush button to freeze the camera in place.
  4. Drag the brush all the way down until it stops moving. Hold the faster brush movement button (same as the bark or jump buttons on most control schemes) to move the camera more quickly.
  5. Re-brush (release the brush button while both analogue sticks are neutral, then press and hold brush again without pressing any button which would cause Ammy to move and reset the camera) and drag the camera down again until it stops moving.
  6. Rotate the camera downward. It may clip directly through the floor. If it doesn't, rotate it so that it just above the floor without being pushed in by it, then re-brush again and push the brush downward. Repeat until it clips through.
  7. While continuing to hold down on the left stick, rotate the camera further down until it is pointing up at Ammy.
  8. Drag the camera left (with the left stick) while rotating it slightly clockwise (with the right stick) until the Vine flower at the edge of the platform above is just barely visible.
    • If you move the camera too far or with poor angles, it may clip up through the floor. If this happens, you'll need to reset the trick. Make sure the camera gets pushed low enough when clipping down through the floor.
  9. Carefully draw a Vine from the flower to Ammy.
  10. Immediately press the camera button to switch back to outer camera mode.
  11. While Ammy flies toward the platform, quickly rotate the camera so that it is below horizontal. This is critical to ensuring the camera does not become stuck inside the platform during the next steps. It may also be helpful to simultaneously position the camera so that it is facing parallel to the wall and perpendicular to the platform's side.
  12. Just before Ammy collides with the platform, press the brush. If Ammy isn't clipping into or entirely inside the platform, quickly release and re-press the brush button to advance time until she is.
  13. Draw a horizontal line through the Vine (it will be obscured by the platform, but you can estimate it by the position of the flower and Ammy).
  14. Immediately air tackle toward the wall (directly to the right if following the above camera position). Just as Ammy would reach that wall, tap the jump button to perform a very low wall jump. See Vine Jump for information on how this works.
    1. If done properly, Ammy will clip through the wall and begin falling into the void.
    2. If your wall-jump is too high, or your Power Slash + air tackle too late, Ammy will clip onto the top of the platform.
  15. Curve Ammy back around so that she moves toward the room's center.
  16. Before Ammy falls out of range, draw another Vine to the flower in the center of the room (the one you Vine to during the tutorial).
  17. If you did not have 4 or more ink pots prior to this point, immediately pause and use praise to upgrade Ammy's ink to refill it.
  18. Before Ammy clips back through the floor of the Vine room, Power Slash this vine too.
  19. Hold forward (in the opposite direction of the Vine room's entrance) to land inside the final room, right near the origin mirror.
    1. If Ammy's maximum ink capacity is four, it can be upgraded while falling to make sure the stored dash can be restored, though this won't be necessary if Ammy has five ink already.
    2. If you fall short of the room, you likely either drew or cut the second Vine too early.



  • This trick was discovered and made practical by GiantCookieJar (named for being his proudest trick discovery due to its flashiness). His original post on it can be found here:
  • The faster setup (involving clipping the camera through the ground) was discovered by Auride on 3 July 2020.