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Speed Restoration (or Speed Storage) is a glitch that allows you to store speed between cutscenes and certain loading zones. The way it works is by jumping into the said loading zone or cutscene, then jumping out without holding forward until you're in the air.

What stores speed

Almost all cutscenes store your speed by jumping into them, exeptions are cutscenes that warp you to a different area than you were before the cutscene started. Some cutscenes also store speed without you having to jump into them. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Talking to Princess Fuse to get the Satomi power orbs
  • Talking to the Celestials in the Ark of Yamato going towards the bosses, but not going away from them
  • Feeding animals

Another way to store speed is by going into a loading zone within the same area. For these loading zones you don't actually have to jump into them as long as you jump out of them correctly. These usually include going into any interior area and vice versa, since these are loaded at the same time.

Methods of restoration

There are three common methods to restore your speed after you've stored them. These are in short, straight jump, dash jump and jump dash.

Straight jump

For the straight jump simply jump after the loading ends, and hold forward once you're in the air. This method works everywhere and should be used when you don't have much forward space to do the other methods.

Dash jump

With dash jump you input a dash before you jump, adding the momentum of your dash into the jump. You can also start holding forward once your dash has started. Another thing you can do with this method is quick-turning. By holding a direction right as you input your dash you can instantly turn into that direction without losing speed restoration. This takes a bit of practice to time properly and should be avoided in some cases as there are no easy tells to do it succesfully.

Jump dash

Arguably the fastest method of restoration is the jump dash. The way it works is by jumping and after 4 frames doing a dash. This is incredibly hard to time, but with practice makes it look like you're getting speed instantly. Failing the jump dash is fine, as it doesn't really lose time to the dash jump method. However, this method only really works on terrain that is level with or higher than where you're standing. So in some cases this method will not get you the instant speed.


The way speed works in Okami is a little weird, but is useful to explain in case you're getting frustrated trying to do this glitch. When you're running at full speed there are technically two values active, your current running speed and your actual stored speed. By jumping you set your current speed equal to your stored speed. The way your stored speed is manipulated is not just by running for a bit, it can also be set to normal walking speed by bumping into objects and getting stuck for a bit. So when you've bumped into something, jumped to cut a corner and then suddenly don't have speed anymore, this is why.

This also means that a good way to practice the different methods is to simply get speed, jump and land to a standstill, then do the restoration. This also works really well when charging up speed during fights.