Corner Skew Glitch

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Note: This page describes a glitch, trick, or exploit. To see others, click here.


In some cases, when Ammy is falling while drifting right up against a concave corner between two walls, she will be clipped slightly into one of those walls when she lands. This cannot be used to actually clip through the walls entirely, but it is sufficient to get Ammy's hind legs to register as being behind the wall. If the floor ends at the wall, the game will sometimes treat her as if she is hanging off a ledge, causing her to skew with her fore legs up and hind legs down. This is called the Corner Skew Glitch. From there, you can perform an Unskew Boost. This is useful in that it can allow you to get that boost on otherwise flat ground.

In some cases, even if the ground seems to end at the corner and Ammy is pushed into the wall, she will skew downward instead of up, preventing any boost from occurring. It's unknown what criteria determines this.


  • It's possible to use this glitch and an Unskew Boost to get out-of-bounds in the bamboo trap room in Oni Island lower interior in New Game. This allows you to perform Oni Island Floor 1 Skip without the use of the mid-air KT Glitch. Demonstration:
  • You can get out-of-bounds in the Eastern treasure room of Himiko's Palace in Sei-an Aristocratic Quarter.


The first apparent use of Corner Skew Glitch was the OoB in the Himiko's Palace treasure room, documented by ZLAMP on 20 August 2016: It was later documented and studied by Auride on 1 September 2021, when it was used to perform Oni Island Floor 1 Skip in NG for the first time.