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Note: This page describes a glitch, trick, or exploit. To see others, click here.


There are many mechanics which can cause Ammy's animation or state to change while in mid-air. In these cases, there is often a single frame afterwards where Ammy can perform a ground tackle, then jump. This enables you to gain additional height and/or distance the otherwise possible. In general, this is known as a D Boost.


  • KT Glitch - Technically, the KT glitch is a type of D Boost, where the disruption is caused by switching Karmic Transformers.
  • Damage Boost - Certain hazards cause Ammy to go into a recoil/damage animation, even in mid-air. A D Boost can be performed at the end of this animation. Due to the requirement of a damage source that can be hit in mid-air, there are no real applications for this.
  • Dialogue Boost - A D Boost can be performed when ending a dialogue in mid-air. This doesn't work if the dialogue is ended using the Skip button, or for the textboxes from picking up items. In general, most NPC's can only be talked to while Ammy is on the ground, greatly limiting the applications of this.
  • Defrost Boost - When Ammy contacts an icicle, she will become frozen. A D Boost can be performed when she is thawed using Fireburst or Inferno. If Fireburst is active before she's frozen, she will thaw instantly, allowing a Defrost Boost to be performed immediately. This doesn't appear to work when using Power Slash to break the ice.
  • Demon Boost - When Ammy exits a fight, either by winning or breaking through the barrier of a Demon Scroll fight, she will transition from her in-battle moveset to her normal overworld moveset. This transition provides a D Boost frame. While the tackle jump itself is frame perfect, the timing for any jumps before the Demon Boost can be made easier by using the main-weapon Reflector attack to stall Ammy in the air as the battle ends. Note that Ammy can move a fairly large distance after escaping through a crack in the barrier before battle mode actually ends, especially with gold dash.


  • Kamiki Boulder Skip can be performed in NG and NG+ 2017 using a Dialogue Boost from tackling the boulder.
  • Watcher's Cape Early can be performed in NG using a Demon Boost from nearby Demon Scrolls.
  • Catwalk Skip in Wawku Shrine can be performed in NG and NG+ 2017 using a Defrost Boost from the icicles near the Kabegami Statue.


Aside from KT's, the first form of D Boosting discovered was Damage Boosting. While certain niche instances were known of for years prior, the modern understanding emerged when user Lance posted a video of a Damage Boost being performed in the Game Start Kamiki area (https://youtu.be/XauIMp9UMMM) on 16 January, 2021. No further applications were discovered at the time.

Defrost Boosting was first discovered by LegoerofEggos on 16 March, 2021. https://twitter.com/legoerofeggos/status/1371878337958748164?s=20

Dialogue Boosting was first discovered by LegoerofEggos on 23 March, 2021. https://twitter.com/legoerofeggos/status/1374513348440584192?s=20

Demon Boosting was first discovered by LegoerofEggos on 30 May, 2021. https://twitter.com/legoerofeggos/status/1399138093144285186?s=20