Exit Destination (.JMP) File Format

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Note: This page pertains to Reverse Engineering of Okami.


This file defines the destinations for exits. This does not define the loading zones themselves, but is referred to by them. (See Zone (.MEH/.SCA/.SCI) File Format for that.)

File Format


Start (Bytes in Hex) Width (Bytes in Hex) Type Field Name Note
0 4 uint32 Number of entries Count of exit destination definition.
4 12 each jumpEntry array jumpEntry One for each exit definition.
padding Pad with zeroes for 64 byte alignment


Describes a single exit destination.

Start (Bytes in Hex) Width (Bytes in Hex) Type Field Description Note
0 2 int16 X Coordinate At destination.
2 2 int16 Y Coordinate At destination.
4 2 int16 Z Coordinate At destination.
6 2 uint16 Ammy Orientation Could be int16. Which way she faces at destination.
8 1 uint8 Area ID See Level File ID Table.
9 1 uint8 Region ID See Level File ID Table.
10 1 uint8 Source ID? Seems to reference the other side of the exit, but doesn't appear to do anything when changed.
11 1 uint8 Exit ID Index into this file.