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Normally, you can enter Ezofuji after first visiting Wep'keer, but can only progress by speaking to Tuskle, backtracking all the way to Yoshpet, following Kai through the forest, talking to several NPC's in Ponc'tan, trecking through Inner Yoshpet, reaching the Spirit Gate, returning to Kamiki Village 100 years ago, fighting True Orochi, rescuing Lika, and bringing her all the way back to Ezofuji to open the gate to Wawku Shrine.

This process takes about 30 minutes, but can be entirely skipped by jumping over the invisible walls near the gate and simply walking into the Wawku loading zone. This can be done by simply KT'ing over the walls, or by performing a Vine Jump off the roof of Tuskle's house.

Via KT's (NG+)

In NG+ Any%, Wawku can be completely skipped via Ark Early, but in NG+ All Brushes, Wawku must be entered to obtain Blizzard. First, jump onto Tuskle's, then jump, double jump, and air tackle bounce off the invisible wall to the left. From here, one can perform a single KT and double jump to clear the invisible wall. Then simply walk or jump into the loading zone, being careful not to fall off the edge and into the void.

Demonstration: https://youtu.be/sIYy0fMsQKk?t=7459

Via Vine Jump (NG)

Start by jumping onto the roof of Tuskle's house. Move into the corner at the rear of the house between two invisible walls. Angle the camera toward the right so the Vine flower is in view. Make sure Ammy is completely grounded, then Brush and draw a Vine to the flower. Ammy should get stuck as the vine pulls her. After about 2 seconds, the vine should automatically release and disappear. As soon as it disappears, before Ammy falls too far, brush and Vine again. Ammy will get stuck a second time. As soon as the vine releases again, jump and double jump to the left. Ammy should clear the invisible wall. From here, just like with the above KT method, go directly into the loading zone.

Note that if your initial positioning is incorrect, it's possible Ammy will not get stuck and instead be pulled to the flower. If this happens, react quickly by brushing and cutting the vine with Power Slash. Be very careful to angle the camera and the brush stroke to ensure it recognizes. After the vine is cut, quickly jump back toward the cliff by Tuskle's house and reset the trick.

If you end up on the flower, you unfortunately cannot jump back to the cliff, and will have to jump down onto the ice and navigate all the way back up the path to Wawku. This costs over a minute. It's also possible to slip off the edge once you end up out-of-bounds, but then land on the out-of-bounds ice at the lake level. If this happens, the only way to clip back in-bounds is to navigate all the way around the West of the lake, then jump through the ground near the very bottom point of the path to Wawku. this is extremely time consuming, so if you do slip off, make sure to drift away from the lake and into the void.

Demonstration: https://youtu.be/_e5v-Zv632U?t=7080