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Note: This page describes a glitch, trick, or exploit. To see others, click here.


Brush Adventure (aka Camera Adventure) refers to the collection of techniques that involve taking the celestial brush camera outside of its normal boundaries. This includes bringing the camera far away from Ammy, as well as clipping it out of bounds. Brush Adventures are usually used to hit brush technique triggers when getting Ammy herself into position would be slower or impossible.

Cutscenes which teleport Ammy to a different position in the same map are called Cutscene Warps. When a cutscene warp is triggered with a brush adventure, it's called a Brush Warp. Many applications of brush adventure are brush warps.

Camera Modes

In general, Okami has two main camera modes: outer and inner. They are toggled by tapping the L button. These two modes affect what happens when the brush camera is moved away from Ammy before the brush button is released.

In outer cam, the brush will always snap back to Ammy in a fraction of a second, even over large distances. This means any brush adventures that start with outer cam must be completed within a single use of the brush.

In inner cam, the camera will stay in place so long as neither Ammy nor the camera move (i.e. neither stick is touched and Ammy doesn't tackle, fall, slide, get hit, etc.). If the brush is used again, the brush camera's origin will shift to be directly in front of the camera. This is called re-brushing and allows for long-distance camera adventures to be performed.


Certain patterns of movement can consistently move the camera away from Ammy, beyond the brush camera's normal boundaries. Doing this shifts the origin point it rotates about. In general, this involves using the left and right sticks to simultaneously. The left stick moves the brush to the edge of the screen, dragging it horizontally. The right stick rotates the camera to slowly move it in the same direction. When the camera has rotated enough, the camera should slide in that direction. The camera can be simultaneously moved up or down by using the corners of the screen. Even without re-brushing, the brush camera can be moved a fairly large distance if there isn't any collision between Ammy and the camera at any point.

In general, brush camera movement can be fiddly and inconsistent if one isn't familiar with the exact pattern of movement required for a given brush adventure. Don't be afraid to practice and experiment.


Unlike Ammy, the brush camera can be clipped out of bounds far more easily. It also isn't affected by gravity, allowing it to move across the void.

The primary technique used to get the brush OoB is a floor clip. This is performed by following these steps:

  1. Start with inner cam on flat ground. For unclear reasons, not all surfaces work. Mildly curved/angled ground may work in some cases.
  2. Pan the non-brush camera as far above Ammy as it will go.
  3. Brush, then drag the brush straight to the bottom edge until it stops stretching. Don't rotate the brush.
  4. Re-brush, then drag the brush down again. While still holding the brush, pan the camera down through the floor.

If done correctly and conditions permit, the camera will phase directly through the floor. From there, one can re-brush again and begin stretching the camera. This type of clip is used in Wawku Key Skip and the Sunken Ship.

Clipping the camera in other locations is more case-specific. In general, the camera can be stretched over invisible walls to effectively get OoB wherever there's no ceiling. There are also a few places where it can be clipped through walls, such as with NG Oni Island Floor 4 Skip.


  • Agata Bloom Clip is performed in NG+ Any% by moving the camera behind the upper Agata entrance loading zone to bloom the Agata Guardian Sapling. It's also possible to do a separate camera clip in NG, though it is not used due to being inconsistent.
  • Waka 1 Skip can be performed in NG via a brush warp to a cursed patch, but this is roughly 15s slower than fighting Waka normally.
  • Walking While Talking can be activated in Tsuta Ruins by stretching the camera up to the invisible ledge where the poison pots would be, but before they've been made to appear, then using Cherry Bombs to hit their invisible hitboxes and destroy them all, then using Sunrise to activate the mushroom growing cutscene.
  • During Cookie Clip, the brush is stretched far from Ammy to allow a Vine to be drawn between her and a flower above a platform.
  • Shin Warp involves performing a Brush Warp after feeding Chi (the Canine Warrior in the bamboo) using the cursed patch which reveals Shin.
  • Ryoshima Coast guardian sapling can be waterspouted via brush adventure to clip through the floor, letting you draw a waterspout from the initial pool all the way to the guardian sapling.
  • Sunken Ship is completed in NG AB and Top Dog by clipping the camera through the floor, then drawing Sunrise to raise the water level. NG AB uses this to clip Ammy OoB. Top Dog lets Ammy drown to respawn in the middle of the ship.
  • Oni Island Floor 4 Skip is performed in NG by clipping the camera through a bomb-able wall from the back side, then drawing a Cherry Bomb it break it.
  • Oki Skip is performed in NG by stretching the camera until it can be moved over an invisible wall, through a part of the hill without collision, and under the map until it is close enough to bloom the Kamui Guardian Sapling.
  • Wawku Key Skip is performed in NG Any% by clipping the camera through the floor, then moving it close enough to the ice block to melt it with Fireburst. This brush warps Ammy through the lockjaw gate.