Sei-an Bridge Skip

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Normally, one is intended to cross the bridge between the Commoner's and Aristocratic Quarters of Sei-an by first restoring water to the canals through a digging minigame, then having Benkei raise the bridge through a fishing minigame. Both of these tasks can be skipped, saving several minutes, by crossing the bridge in its lowered state.

In NG+

It is simple to use aerial KT's to jump up to the bridge.


This isn't necessary in NG+ Any% due to Ryo Gate Skip and Fire Tablet Skip negating the need to take either of the normally required trips through Sei-an's Commoner's Quarter, but this is done in NG+ AB to obtain Mist Warp early.

NG+ AB does actually make a trip through Commoner's to get Thunderbolt and Deluge, in which the bridge is skipped by performing an Interior Clip immediately after entering the bridge area. One must KT up to get over the gate over the loading zone, then jump over the gate before turning around to head North under the map. Using the overlay map, one can line up Ammy with the icon for the tree icon next to the bridge to fall into Gen's clock-tower interior.



The bridge can be skipped in NG using a Sliding Ground Tackle.

  1. Double jump onto the branch to the south side of the tree stump next to the lowered portion of the bridge. This can be done from the edge where the bridge starts to sharply slope down, or from the lowered part near Benkei using a tackle jump.
  2. Double jump onto the top of the stump. There is slippery collision here which faces in various directions. You must land on the part of this collision which slides Ammy toward the raised bridge, though this takes some practice due to the collision being invisible.
  3. As you land, with good timing, tackle toward the raised part such that Ammy gets a large momentum boost from sliding off the stump.
    • Depending on exactly where you land, there is a strong possibility Ammy won't get enough of a momentum boost. If this happens, you can jump back toward the stump to attempt the trick again.
  4. Jump and double jump toward the raised part. Delay your initial jump as much as possible, so that the sliding ground tackle covers the maximum distance in the air.
  5. Air tackle to cover the last bit of distance and land on the raised part. Be careful not to bonk into the vertical wall on the left side of the raised portion.