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In Okami, the interiors of most buildings (as well as some other sub-areas, such as caves) are stored on the same map as the exterior area from which they are accessed. They are loaded simultaneously, and are generally physically located far below the exterior environment, near the map's origin point.

An Interior Clip is any trick which involved going out-of-bounds to travel to or between interiors. Most often, this means falling from the exterior a great distance to land in the interior. Because many interiors are relatively small, one often uses the overlay map (by holding L2) to align Ammy horizontally as she falls.

In some maps, such as both halves of Sei-an, close below the interiors is a long slippery (but flat) floor. Ammy can dash along this floor to reach interiors even if they are too far to jump directly into.


Interior clips can be performed in many maps, especially with the use of KT's, though only a few are currently useful in speedruns:

  • Cookie Clip
  • Early Sasa Sanctuary
  • An old variation of Gale Shrine Early, which actually involved KT'ing up from the entrance area (located far below the main dungeon) all the way up to the top of the dungeon. This required about 100 KT jumps.
  • Stair Clip into the Ryoshima dojo.
  • Fireburst Early in Sei-an Commoner's, which notably involves accessing the restaurant interior even though the exterior building doesn't exist due to the cursed zone.
  • In Sei-an Aristocratic entering Gen's clocktower.
  • Entering Tuskle's hut at the top of Ezofuji to skip the movement to Wawku. Video is not of the KT method, but it shows you where you need to go once out of bounds.

Other Areas

Some other areas where it is known to be possible to interior clip without KT's include:

  • Agata, into Karude's hut, via Origin Warp.
  • Sei-an Aristocratic, into any interior, by falling through the canals after performing Sei-an Bridge Skip. This can be used to fall into either of the treasure rooms in Himiko's Palace, though this is slower than the normal method of Himiko's Palace Early. It can also be used to reach Rao's secret tunnel early, though this doesn't allow you to start the Oni Island sequence early, as it is triggered by talking to Otohime after Water Dragon.
  • Kamui, into Oki's hut, via Origin Warp.
  • Ezofuji, into Tuskle's house, but only after raising the Ark of Yamato.