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Note: This page pertains to Reverse Engineering of Okami.


Here you will find an incomplete list of descriptions of file formats in Okami, discovered via Reverse Engineering.

Extension is a list of file extensions associated with this type.

Short Description is an short explanation of the point of the file.


Archives are simply expanded into more files.

Extension Short Description
.bin Generic Archive
.dat Generic Archive with some exceptions. (See below.)
.DDP Image Archive (DDS)
.EFF Generic Archive
.SSD Generic Archive
.TBL Generic Archive

.dat has a few exceptions: files in the event/ folder have their own format. Some (but not all) of the .dat files in the id/ folder as well as privilege/IllustPrivilege.dat are just DDS files one after the next.

Level Files (st#)

Level files are found in data_pc/st#. See Map Table for a complete list.

Archive is whether the files is stored in the .bin or .dat for the level in Okami HD for PC.

Extension Short Description Archive
.ACT Something to do with NPCs. .bin
.AKT Archive of collision models (.AK) .dat
.ANS Animals. .bin
.BMH Unknown. .bin
.CAM Unknown. .bin
.CMP Unknown. .dat
.EAR Unknown. .dat
.ECT Encounters. .bin
.EFF Unknown Archive. .bin
.FI2 Atmospheric Effects .dat
.ISL Shop contents and prices. .bin
.ITS Guaranteed loot locations. .bin
.JMP Exit destinations. .dat
.LI3 Lighting. .dat
Zone definitions, such as dialogue, exits, bit flags. .bin
.MOT Unknown. .bin
.MRT Unknown. .bin
.MSA Unknown. .bin
.MSD Dialogue text. .bin
Objects placed around the map. .dat
_randtbl.RNI Drop tables. .dat
.RHT Unknown. .dat
.SCL Unknown. .dat
.SCP Archive containing texture models (.SCR) and a texture archive (.DDP). .dat
.SCR Texture model definitions. .dat/.SCP
.SSD Unknown. .bin
.TS Unknown. .bin