Oni Island Floor 1 Skip

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Note: This page describes a glitch, trick, or exploit. To see others, click here.


Oni Island is divided into 5 maps: Exterior, Lower Interior (AKA Floor 1), Sidescroller (AKA 2D section), Upper Interior (AKA Floor 4), and Peak (AKA Ninetales Arena). The intentional route is to go through the front lava section of the Exterior, enter the Lower Interior from the front door, go through several Tobi Races, exit to the back section of the Exterior, get Thunderstorm, go through another loading zone back into the Lower Interior, get the electric key, blow up the giant statue, blind the eye switches, and enter the loading zone to the Sidescroller.

Via Early Thunderstorm, we can go directly to Thunderstorm from entering the Exterior map. This skips all of the Tobi sections of the Lower Interior. After getting TS, rather than going through the LZ to get the electric key, you can go back into the LZ from which you're intended to get to the Gekigami statue. This room has an area with a bunch of bamboo spear traps. This area has no ceiling collision, and happens to be located above and laterally near the Sidescroller LZ. By getting out-of-bounds in this room, you can reach that LZ early, skipping basically all of the rest of the Lower Interior.


While there is no ceiling in this room, the walls are too high to be simply double jumped over. Additionally, all of the walls in this room are not wall-jump-able and not tackle-bounce-able. This prevents our usual methods of gaining extra height (e.g. First Person Glitch). Instead, we have to use the Corner Skew Glitch to get an Unskew Boost, which gives us just enough height to get OoB. From there, we can do a few jumps to the end. This method in particular is called Awesome Skip.

  1. In the bamboo spear trap room, dash through the hall and to the far side of the actual spear trap area. Where it joins with the hall to the Lockjaw, there are concave 90 degree corners on each side. Jam Ammy into the right corner.
    • The left corner doesn't work, because it will give downward skew rather than upward skew.
  2. Jump and air tackle straight forward into the wall, then hold forward and to the right to keep Ammy in the corner until the moment she lands. She should appear to flicker back-and-forth prior to landing.
    • This part is somewhat inconsistent. Double jumping before tackling isn't necessary, but it may help with consistency.
  3. Tap to the left so Ammy turns without moving.
    • If you did it right, Ammy will appear to phase into the wall, with just her head sticking out.
    • You can't see it well, but her hind legs will be low and her body skewed upwards.
  4. Hold left to make Ammy walk out of the wall. Ammy should pop out with a small arc above the ground.
    • This is the Unskew Boost.
  5. At the very peak of that arc, press and hold jump while continuing to hold left. Double jump for maximum height.
    • These jumps are fairly precise on timing, but are probably not frame-perfect.
  6. At the very peak of Ammy's double jump, air tackle forward into the wall. If you did everything right, Ammy will just barely clear the wall and the camera will pop into the void, showing mostly black.
  7. Immediately drift to the right to land on the narrow sliver of OoB collision.
  8. Tackle jump to the edge of the statue room, landing on more OoB collision.
  9. Move along the edge to the corner, then tackle jump towards the end of the eye switch room.
    • Avoid landing too far to the right, as you might hit the trigger for the cutscene of them catching you.
    • Note that, in inner camera mode, the camera will swap positions right as you reach the room, which can cause you to drift away from the edge at the last second and fall into the lava. Using outer camera avoids this.
    • It's possible to land inside the room without hitting the trigger.
  10. Tackle jump or dash into the Sidescroller LZ.

Demonstration: https://youtu.be/au0eUlN0Zb8

In NG+

After the Thunderstorm tutorial, turn around and go into floor 1 through the entrance one would normally be coming out of before first seeing the Gekigami statue. Go to the wider part of the hall with the chest and bamboo traps, then KT over the wall to the right and directly into the loading zone for the side-scroller segment, without falling into the room with the eye switches.

Demonstration: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/623901417?t=56m25s


The NG+ variant of this trick was discovered by Kwanzai on 03 February 2013. It was first posted about on this SDA thread and then revealed in this YouTube video: https://youtu.be/ziDTSgTLtAA

The NG variant (Awesome Skip) was discovered by Auride on the night of 01 September 2021, and revealed in this video: https://youtu.be/au0eUlN0Zb8