Air Ground Tackle

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Note: This page describes a glitch, trick, or exploit. To see others, click here.


If Ammy ground tackles at the edge of a surface, she will retain the ability to cancel the tackle into a ground jump until it ends, even though she will be airborne. This is called Air Ground Tackle (aka aerial ground tackle).

Air ground tackles can be used to retain the height of a small surface, and to cover longer distances with a jump. If Ammy ground tackles while being pushed in the same direction by a slippery surface, she will sometimes get a large boost in speed during the tackle, though this isn't preserved into the jump. This is sometimes called a Sliding Ground Tackle.

Note that Ammy can't ground tackle off surfaces that are surrounded by low invisible walls (i.e. platforms which Ammy cannot walk off of), which are very common. Slope Storage can be combined with air ground tackle to bypass low walls, but there are currently no actual applications involving this.


In general, air ground tackles are commonly used for small movement optimizations, but can also make some larger tricks and skips possible. Notable uses include: