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This page lists common terms and abbreviations with specific meanings in Okami Speedrunning.

Term Definition Synonyms/Related Terms
Dash When Ammy runs at elevated speed on the ground. There are two levels of dash: green and gold, indicated by the color of the trail behind Ammy. Prior to obtaining Bloom, green dash has no flowers, and gold dash is green with flowers. Green dash is about 30% faster than walking, while gold dash is about 30% faster than green dash. See Speed Restoration for more information. Speed
Trigger Loading zones, scripted fights, cutscenes, etc. begin when Ammy enters a certain region of space. These spaces are called triggers. All triggers are either cylinders or polygonal prisms, where the sides are aligned with the vertical axis. They always have a defined upper and lower bound/height. Cutscene trigger, trigger volume, LZ, CS
Tackle When Ammy performs a basic forward-moving attack on the ground or in the air. This is also Ammy's initial attack on the ground when she has no Ink in battle. On the ground, performing a tackle immediately grants Ammy green dash. Performing a tackle into a wall will result in an upward bounce away from the wall (usually called a "tackle bounce"). See Air Ground Tackle for more information. Dash (Not to be confused with high-speed running), Air tackle, ground tackle
KT A family of glitches performed by switching Karmic Transformers while airborne, allowing for infinite jumps. This glitch is used extensively in NG+ speedruns, but can't be performed in NG since Karmic Transformers are a NG+ reward. See KT Glitch for more information. Sometimes just refers to the Karmic Transformer items themselves. Karmic Transformer, KT Glitch
BA "Brush Adventure". A family of techniques for moving the celestial brush camera far away from Ammy, used to perform a wide variety of tricks. See Brush Adventure for more information. Brush Adventure, Camera Adventure
Turbo Any controllers, functions, or tools which send a rapid on-off button press signal to the game in response to physically holding down a button. This is generally used to mimic a "mashing" input, such as when skipping cutscenes, swimming, jumping for Origin Warp, etc..
IGT "In-Game Time", referring to the time displayed on the "Total Results" screen which appears upon beating the game. This is the standard timing method for nearly all major categories in Okami. With the exception of Top Dog, all major categories also place the additional restriction that runners may not load saves, so that the timer is running continuously throughout the run and is never rolled back. Using Golden Gates is allowed, since they do not roll back the timer. See Intro to Okami Speedrunning#Timing for more information. In-Game Time, In Game Time
RTA "Real-Time Attack", referring to runs/categories timed using an external timer which runs continuously from the start to the end of the run. Some legacy and miscellaneous/meme categories use RTA timing. There also exists just "TA" (Time Attack), which usually refers to categories which allow pausing the timer and game. Real-Time Attack, Real Time Attack
NG "New Game", referring to runs/categories which start from a fresh file using the "New Game"/"最初から" option on the main menu. See Intro to Okami Speedrunning#Categories for more information. New Game
NG+ "New Game Plus", referring to runs/categories which start from a "Start from beginning"/""最初から" save file in the "Load" menu, created by saving after defeating Yami and beating the game. Because NG+ categories are faster than their NG counterparts, the "NG+" may sometimes be omitted (i.e. "any%" by itself refers to NG+ Any%.). By default, NG+ categories are played on the PS3 version, due to the availability of the unpatched KT Glitch, Veil of Mist Warp, and Acid Skip. New Game+, New Game Plus
NG+ 2017 Referring to NG+ runs/categories which are run on the Xbox One, PC, Switch, or PS4 versions (the versions released in or after 2017). These categories differ slightly from the standard PS3 version used for standard NG+ runs due to the patched glitches mentioned above. The NG+ 2017 No BKT categories disallow the use of the BKT glitch, which has the same effect as the standard aerial KT glitch but requires one additional frame-perfect input per use. This results in a slightly different route and methods for tricks, which rely on Slope and Liquid KTs instead.
Any% Referring to runs/categories where the only requirement is to beat the game.
AB "All Brushes", referring to runs/categories where it is required to learn all brush techniques and brush upgrades and then beat the game. This includes the main 15 brush techniques (some of which are skipped in the any% categories) and the hidden/upgraded techniques (e.g. Deluge, Power Slash 3, etc.). All Brushes
Top Dog A NG category where it's required to obtain all achievements/trophies. It's named after the "Top Dog" achievement, granted upon obtaining all other achievements in the game. Achievements are included on all versions other than the PS2, Wii, and Switch versions, though playing on these versions is allowed as long as the requirements are met. The achievements cover a wide range of content (all brush techniques, bosses, stray beads, unique treasures, fish, fed animals, etc.) but also omit some (all weapons, 100% of animals, all sources of praise). "Platinum%" is an older term which references the color/tier of the Top Dog trophy on the PlayStation versions. Platinum%, Plat%, 100%
AMB "All Major Bosses", referring to runs/categories where it's required to beat Spider Queen, Crimson Helm, Orochi, Blight, Ninetails, Nechku, Lechku & Nechku, True Orochi, and all bosses in the Ark of Yamato All Major Bosses
DI "Divine Instrument", referring to Ammy's standard attack (reflector, rosary, or glaive) Divine Instrument
SW "Sub-weapon", referring to Ammy's secondary attack. Rosaries are the only sub-weapon attack typically used in speedruns, though sub-glaive is used in Top Dog to take advantage of the power and charge speed bonus provided by the Sword Dance dojo technique. Sub-weapon, Sub Weapon, Subweapon
PS "Power Slash", the brush technique commonly used in combat. Power Slash, PS2, PS3
CB "Cherry Bomb", another brush technique commonly used in combat. CBs can be powered-up by Steel Fist Sake, which is the optimal strategy for many fights in New Game. Cherry Bomb, CB2, CB3
Lilypad Another name for the Water Lily brush technique. Lilypad Skip is named so for this reason. Water Lily, lily pad
WS "Waterspout", a primary brush technique required primarily to defeat Orochi Waterspout, Water Spout
GS "Galestorm", a primary brush technique required primarily to spin the Whirlpool Galaxy in order to enter the Dragon Palace, defeat the Water Dragon, trigger the Oni Island sequence, and obtain Thunderstorm. Sometimes also refers to Gale Shrine. Galestorm, Gale Storm
GSOW "Gale Shrine Origin Warp", a family of methods for performing Gale Shrine Early Gale Shrine Origin Warp
VoM "Veil of Mist", a primary brush technique which can often be skipped through tricks such as Mistless Imperial Palace, Fireburst Slowdown, Himiko's Palace Early, and Mistless Blight Veil of Mist, VM
MW "Mist Warp", a secret brush technique obtained by paying the Emperor 80 Demon Fangs. This normally requires defeating Blight in the Imperial Palace, but this can be skipped via Early Emperor. Mist Warp
FB "Fireburst", a secret brush technique which is obtained in some categories instead of Inferno and Veil of Mist Fireburst, Fire Burst
TS "Thunderstorm", a primary brush technique which obtained in Oni Island and required to defeat Ninetails. Thunderstorm, Thunder Storm
SB "Stray Bead" a collectible type required mainly in Top Dog. There are 99 in-game, most of which are obtained from chests, and some of which are earned through specific side-quests/actions. The 100th Stray Bead is awarded upon defeating Yami and making a NG+ save. Stray Bead
SoB "String of Beads", an artifact exclusive to NG+ obtained by collecting all 100 stray. If you collect all 99 in-game stray beads during a playthrough and make an NG+ save, you will start that save with the SoB. Otherwise, you will get it instantly upon collecting the last in-game stray bead (they are carried over across NG+ saves). String of Beads
MC "Mermaid Coin", a consumable item used to teleport between Mermaid Springs. The Fountain secret brush replaces these. Mermaid Coin