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  • Must start game from a fresh NG+ file.
  • Run must be single segment.
  • Only IGT (in game time) is counted for leaderboards.
  • For timing, runners usually begin time at the first cutscene and end time when Yami dies.
  • These routes are based on the KT glitch and therefore are only possible on PS2, PS3, and Wii versions of the game.

File Setup

A NG+ file is setup after beating the game and choosing to save. In order to optimize menu-ing in the route, the following items are recommended to have at the end of the game:

  • At least 1 Karmic Transformer (Preferably all 9)
  • All 100 stray beads
  • Peace Bell
  • At least 52 large exorcism slips (more is always better)
  • Gold dusted eighth wonder
  • Gold dusted resurrection beads
  • Gold dusted exorcism beads
  • Gold dust tudra beads. Even though they go away when you you start a ng+ file they will stil be gold dusted when you buy them in ark
  • At least 1 SFS (more is better)
  • At least 1 vengeance slip (more is better because you will probaly accidentally use one)

All other sell-able items should be sold before completing the game to speed up menu-ing.

In addition, it is recommended to set up a new file after completing the run once, tripping up at any brush learning as often as possible. This will guarantee that all cutscenes are able to be skipped.

Cherry Bomb Route (Beginner)

River of the Heavens - Hana Valley

Cave of Nagi
  • Run all the way to the river of heavens. At the headbutting pots section, jump straight onto the platform rather than walking around.
  • Go right after reaching the river and get Rejuv. Go to the end of the section and get Powerslash.
  • When running back, keep the left of the red tori’s to skip the first two fights.
  • Run all the way back to Kamiki and cut down the fruit.
  • Run all the way down to the exit and do Kamiki Boulder Skip.
Hana Valley
  • After exiting Kamiki run to Hana Valley.
  • Run up to the campfire and equip exorcism beads (main), resurrection beads (sub), the string of beads and the peace bell during the fight.
  • Finish the fight with an ExL slip.
  • Run further up and use an ExL slip against the Yellow Imp fight.
  • Draw Sunrise on the tablet to open the way.
  • Go to the back and do the Susano mini-game
  • Grab the ball and push it up to the platform. Draw a Sunrise in the sky above the waterfall behind you.
  • After learning Bloom start running back and do Yellow Imp Skip. Use 1 ExL slip if you miss it.
  • Run towards the entrance. At the campfire, run around to the right, close to the edge, to skip the fight. Run to Shinshu.

Shinshu Feild - Sasactuary

Shinshu Field
  • Bloom the sapling then run straight down to mikas house
  • Talk to Mika twice then leave his house. Use 1 ExL, right the monsters name down and run straight to cherrybomb
  • Do Pill's Skip, get cherry bomb and go to the alternate agata entrance
  • Using 3 KTs get up to the upper part above the waterway and enter Agata.
Agata Forest
  • Use the Brush Adventure from Agata Bloom Tricks to bloom Agata.
  • After blooming run through the tunnel. Turn left at the waterfall.
  • At the black stripe, wall jump up and use a bonk to get extra height. Do 1 KT and get up the higher area, skipping Waka.
  • Run a little close to the right towards the cliff near the Mermaid spring.
  • Do another wall jump, bonk into KT and get up next to the railing towards the spring.
  • Activate the spring then run down to Taka Pass.
  • Use one Liquid KT to jump over the river and get into Taka Pass.
Taka Pass
  • Go to the cherry bomb wall and go through the tunnel and fight Waka at the end, using one sub bead attack. (if you jump then hold forward you get save dash)
  • Run back from where you came from and use 2-3 kts to get up to the tree and bloom it.
  • After blooming go to the mermaid spring and clear the demon gate to open it.
  • Run to the right into Sasa Sanctuary.
Sasa Sanctuary
  • Go right and do Early Sasa Sanctuary using the NG+ method.
  • Go to the dried up hot spring and do the digging game to get Waterspout.
  • When you're on the upper platform,go to take and fight him,then go back and get the mermaid coin from Mr. Bamboo
  • Use the mermaid coin and go to taka pass

Taka Pass - Ryoshima Coast

Kusa Village
  • Go up the kusa village
  • Buy 4 meat bags and 5 mermaid coins, then go talk to fuse
  • Use 1 ExL to kill the blue imps and talk to fuse twice
  • Drop down and feed the dog in the cave, then go down the path to get the dog at Mr. Bamboo's house
  • Run back up the path, past susano, and get the dog that requires Bloom near the entrance
  • Alternatively you can do Shin Warp to save about 20 seconds
  • Go back up to Princess Fuse's house and fight the fifth dog
  • Feed the purple dog and go to city checkpoint
City Checkpoint
Ryoshima Coast
  • Cut through the cursed zone cliff on the left in Ryoshima Coast to skip the Headless Guardian fight (or running KT over it)
  • Skip using Waterspout on one of the pools (1st pool straight to 3rd pool, bring out brush, then move camera)
  • Bloom Ryoshima Coast
  • Use Stair Clip and KT or Reach Dojo without Lilypad using the corner (to the right of the actual way up, wall jump)
  • Learn Holy Eagle
  • Do Ubume Skip using one KT on the left side
  • KT over the gate to get into N. Ryoshima
N. Ryoshima Coast
  • Slip or the earth nose
  • Trigger cutscene by Urashima and bullies
  • Summon Orca by drawing the sun
  • Use the mermaid spring to warp to Agata Forest

Agata Forest - Galeshrine

Agata Forest
  • Help Kushi fill her barrel
  • Run to Kokari and fish out the whopper, then learn Crescent and defeat ume
  • Take the key to Tsuta Ruins
Tsuta Ruins
  • Get to the second floor early using kts right at the start of tsuta
  • Clear the three devil gates
  • First gate, ex slip and then bloom the bud ogre and shoot it with beads; last two, use ex slip
  • Use Sunrise to make the mushrooms grow (do not skip cutscene, you need it to be day for the turnip game)
  • Dash and jump towards the five evil pots, then Power Slash them at the peak of your jump (can cut them from first floor if you miss any)
  • Jump to the land on the left and run down as far as possible, then jump in the water and swim to the center structure
  • Bloom the three patches of cursed land and learn Vine
  • Leave Tsuta Ruins and go to the alternate agata exit.
Shinshu and Kamiki
  • Go straight to kamiki village
  • Enter Kamiki, do turnip game, turn to night, fight Hayabusa
  • Go back to Shinshu Field and kt up the the demon gate. fight the gate and use the mermaid spring to warp to taka
  • Go to Kusa Princess Fuse's house and talk to her
  • Enter Gale Shrine
  • Take the right path, kill the Chimera with beads
  • Take the key to the locked door and open it
  • Take the elevator up to the second floor
  • Activate the demon scroll and kill the Chimera with beads
  • Pick up the key, drop down onto the elevator, and take it up to the third floor
  • Open the locked door and run up to the top
  • Learn Galestorm (left, center, right)
  • KT over the wall and fall back down to the beginning
  • Exit Gale Shrine, then go back to the Taka Pass mermaid spring
  • Warp to N. Ryoshima

N. Ryoshima - Oni Island

N. Ryoshima
  • Ride orca to the platform near the star watcher, change to night, use one KT from orca's head to get up,
  • Make a shooting star for the watcher
  • Go towards the whirlpool galaxy and spin it from just inside the arch to skip a cutscene
  • Jump back down to Orca and ride into the whirlpool
Water Dragon
  • Kt over the right wall and enter the dragon early
  • Go through the dragon up til the locked door; detour for the key
  • Stand just inside the dragon orb room and use Waterspout three times on the orb
  • Kill the Tube Foxes with three ExL slips
  • Escape the dragon
  • Talk to otohime
Evil Rao Sequence
  • Run to Ankoku Temple; skip the ubume trigger again and skip all but the last ghost rao cutscene
  • Cross the lava pit in Himiko's Palace with one KT using Fire Tablet Skip
  • Kill Evil Rao with the beads

Oni Island Sequence
  • Cross back over the lava pit (can get over without KTs, if you get max speed and good jumps)
  • Cut through Sei'an city, after Waka cutscene, jump off bridge to skip issun cutscene and continue through
  • Run to N. Ryoshima and get up to Watcher's Cape from behind with two KTs, jump over the gap in the corner to avoid the fight trigger
  • Run across the Water Dragon to Oni Island

Oni Island

  • Do Early Thunderstorm
  • Learn Thunderstorm
  • Go backwards through the door
  • Do Oni Island Floor 1 Skip
  • In the sidescrolling area, use a KT glitch to shortcut up the vertical shaft, then bounce off walls for shortcuts
  • Pick up the thunder key, shortcut through the trapdoor in the hidden passage on the left, take it to the lock
  • Go throught the rest of the 2D room and then do one of the Oni Lisand Floor 4 Skips
  • shoot her with rosary sub to make him raise his sword, lightning the sword before it's all the way up to skip a cutscene, then use two ex slips on the Rao-looking things (1st phase, the fatter one has more hp, 2nd phase the old one has more hp); repeat
  • Get close after second phase and shoot her

Kamui And Ark of Yamato

  • From nryo warp to shinshu
  • KT twice near road to cherry bomb guy, lightning the statue there (doing it here skips the cutscene)
  • Go through the tunnel to Kamui
  • Use KTs to jump over the wall and do Oki Skip
  • Bloom Kamui
  • Do Igloo Turtle Skip
  • Go to Wep'keer
  • KT over the gate using Wep'keer Gate Skip
  • Do Ark Early using six KTs
Ark + Blight
  • Buy Tundra Beads from merchant
  • Equip them as sub (main should be resurrection beads)
  • Go to blight
  • Wait for blight to pull out his swords
  • PS them and go attack his weak sword
  • Get three heads drunk rock, poison, and sun. drunk them and do the same again then use 1 sfs, 1 vengeance slips, and 2 EX slips on the bell; then spam your sub weapon MAKE SURE ITS THE TUNDRA BEADS AS YOUR SUB AND RESURRECTION BEADS AS YOUR MAIN!!!
Spider Queen
  • Vine x3
  • Then 2 ExLs
Crimson Helm
  • Use Galestorm Then 1 Exl. Run up to his and spam you main beads
  • Same Strats as Oni

Phase 1: As soon as you spawn in hold forward, tackle, jump, then kick. Or just use 1 ExL. Use tundra beads 12 times. After getting power slash spam tundra 12 more times. after getting green sprout PS yami

Phase 2: Hit yami 12 times with your tundra bead again. after getting another brush power hit him another 12 times. then watersprout and power slash. then spam your tundra beads again

Phase 3: Equip 8th wonder as main then use 5 ExL. Then PS x3

Phase 4: 2 ExL, 2 ExL, 2 ExL, 3 ExL. Skip Cutscene

Phase 5 Kill yami with glaive, skip cutscenes. Timer ends when the yen results appear on screen.

Cherry Bombless Route (Intermediate)

Before you read

This route is less detailed than the one above and assuming you have a basic understanding of NG+ Any% you should be good. If you've never ran okami before id recommend starting with the bomb route.

River of the Heavens - Hana Valley

River of the Heavens
  • Skip the 3 cutscenes and go to river of the heavens
  • Go through and get rejuvenation
  • Use thick brush to fix the river and then go get power slash
  • skip the 2 fights and leave river of the heavens
  • Cut the Peach. then go and do Kamiki Boulder Skip
Hana Valley
  • After Kamiki Boulder Skip go to hana valley
  • Go to the campfire fight and equip ressurection beads (main), exorcism beads (sub), peace bell and string of beads. then use one ExL to take out the imps
  • Go through and at the yellow imp fight use 1 ExL
  • Go to sleepy and go the susano QTE
  • Do the ball pushing puzzle and Bloom Hana
  • On your way out of hana do Yellow Imp Skip And Walk around the campfire fight
  • Bloom Shinshu

Shinshu Field - City Checkpoint

Shinshu + Agata
  • Instead of getting cherry bomb, run straight up the agata alternate loading zone and using 3 KTs get up to the upper part above the waterway and enter Agata.
  • Do one of the Agata Bloom Tricks
  • Do Waka 1 Skip
  • Do Agata Bridge Skip and go straight to taka
Taka Pass 1
  • Because we skipped cherry bomb we must kt up the wall and go around to fight waka Demonstration:
  • For the waka fight just wait till waka lands and hold square to use you main weapon
  • After waka go around where you from got into the cave and bloom taka
  • You can can do an optional skip called Taka Boulder Clip to skip walking all the way back around
  • After blooming taka, run straight for the demon gate and defeat the enemies
  • Go to sasa
Sasa Sanctuary
  • Do Early Sasa Sancturay
  • Do the digging mini so you can get waterspout
  • After getting waterspout, do sasa escape and go to city checkpoint

City Checkpoint - N. Ryoshima Coast

City Checkpoint
Ryoshima Coast
  • Cut through the cursed zone cliff on the left in Ryoshima Coast to skip the Headless Guardian fight (or running KT over it)
  • Skip using Waterspout on one of the pools (1st pool straight to 3rd pool, bring out brush, then move camera)
  • Bloom Ryoshima Coast
  • Use Stair Clip and KT or Reach Dojo without Lilypad using the corner (to the right of the actual way up, wall jump)
  • Learn Holy Eagle
  • Do Ubume Skip using one KT on the left side
  • Do Ryo Gate Skip using 2 KTs
N. Royshima Coast
  • Slip or the earth nose
  • Trigger cutscene by Urashima and bullies
  • Summon Orca by drawing the sun
  • Use the mermaid spring to warp to Taka Pass

Galeshrine + Tsuta

Galeshrine Origin Warp
  • As soon as you enter taka run a to kusa village
  • When you enter kusa run to galeshrine
  • As soon as you gain control in galeshrine leave and go back to kusa. Then re-enter galeshrine but as you enter hold right and spam jump. Your trying to jump on the first frame you enter galshrine. You can tell if you got the 1 frame jump if ammy is facing the camera during the first jump. if ammy jumps towards the right then you need to leave and try again. Then you wanna use Sleep Walking to go through the tunnel. When your out of the tunnel use 3 KTs to void out (or 2 KTs and a bonk). If all done correctly you should respawn in the elevator. Demonstration:
  • Because we dont have cherry bomb. KT up the elevator to the 2nd floor. Then go outside and KT up to the galestorm platform Demonstration:
  • Then do Galestorm Platform Escape and leave Galeshrine
  • Skip the camera pan by doing this -

Advanced Strategies