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  • Must start game from a fresh NG+ file.
  • Run must be single segment.
  • Only IGT (in game time) is counted for leaderboards.
    • For timers, runners usually begin time at the first cutscene and end time when Yami dies.
  • These routes are based on the KT glitch and therefore are only possible on PS2, PS3, and Wii versions of the game.

File Setup

A NG+ file is setup after beating the game and choosing to save. In order to optimize menu-ing in the route, the following items are recommended to have at the end of the game:

  • At least 1 Karmic Transformer (Preferably all 9)
  • All 100 stray beads and thus the String of Beads
  • Peace Bell
  • One other extra Holy Artifact
  • 4 Meat feedbags (buy before entering the Ark)
  • 1 Fish feedbag (buy before entering the Ark)
  • 1 or 2 vengeance slips (up to preference)
  • 2 Steel Fist Sake
  • At least 54 large exorcism slips (more is always better)
  • Gold dusted eighth wonder
  • Gold dusted resurrection beads
  • Gold dusted Tundra Beads
  • At least 83 Demon Fangs

All other sell-able items should be sold before completing the game to speed up menu-ing.

In addition, it is recommended to set up a new file after completing the run once, tripping up at any brush learning as often as possible. This will guarantee that all cutscenes are able to be skipped.

This route will be based on the splits that can be found on


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Start of game to Exit Kamiki Village

  • Run all the way to the river of heavens. At the headbutting pots section, jump straight onto the platform rather than walking around.
  • Go right after reaching the river and get Rejuv. Go to the end of the section and get Powerslash.
  • When running back, keep the left of the red tori’s to skip the first two fights.
  • Run all the way back to Kamiki and cut down the fruit.

  • Run down and talk to the statue of Komuso.
  • Go to his left up the slope then jump down and run to the Boulder.
  • Talk to the Merchant at the boulder (NB: Instead of doing this you can also skip talking to the Merchant and talk to Mushi when doing the Lilypad split)
  • Then do Kamiki Boulder Skip
  • Run to Hana Valley

Bloom Shinshu Field

  • Run up to the campfire, Equip resurrection beads, eighth wonder, the string of beads and the peace bell during the fight. Finish the fight with an L slip.
  • Run further up, remember to use Speed Restoration to keep speed.
  • Fight the yellow imp fight with 1 L slip, then draw sunrise to open the way. Run to the back and do the Susano mini-game.
  • Grab the ball, try not to be too annoyed by it, and run up to the platform.
  • Learn Bloom then run back towards the sunrise tablet. Before entering the clearing try to do Yellow Imp Skip. If you land into the fight use 1 L slip.
  • Run towards the entrance. At the campfire, run around to the right, close to the edge, to skip the fight.
  • Bloom Shinshu Field.

Cherry Bomb

  • Run up towards Mika’s Hut. Get the Monster List from Mika and run out to do the fight. Either try to snipe the marked Imp using the beads or use 1 L slip.
  • Jump and swim over the water towards Tama.
  • Do Pill's Skip part 1, then go into the hut. Learn Cherry Bomb. After learning do Pill's Skip part 2 to skip the fish fight.
  • Run towards the Agata Forest Entrance.

Bloom Taka Pass

  • Instead of going into the water, jump up the slope and use KTs to get up to the above “entrance”.

  • Use a Brush Adventure, specifically the Cutscene Skip version in Agata Bloom Tricks, to Bloom Agata.
  • Run towards the Mermaid Spring and make sure it is activated.
  • Run towards the Taka Pass entry.
  • Use a Liquid KT to skip over the river and enter Taka early.

  • Use Cherry Bomb to enter the cave and fight Waka, using one charged glaive,
  • then run back through the tunnel.
  • Use two wall jump KTs to get high enough to bloom the Sapling.


  • Jump down and run towards the Moles. Do the Moley mini-game for the Teacup then go towards the Tea master for the Golden Mushroom.
  • Run straight to Sasa Sanctuary.

  • Do Early Sasa Sanctuary using any NG+ method.
  • Run towards the bath house and do the digging mini-game to get Waterspout.

Bloom Ryoshima Coast

  • Wall Jump up and do one KT Wall Jumping to the right
  • Then KT at least three times to the right to go over the invisible wall.
  • Leave Sasa and run to City Checkpoint.
  • Do the NG+ method of City Checkpoint Skip and run to Ryoshima Coast.

Fireburst & Rao Slips

  • Do Fireburst Early using the NG+ method then run to the Aristocratic Quarter.
  • Skip the bridge using 1 KT then do Rao Skip after talking to Waka.
  • Run to the Emperor's Palace and use 2 KTs and a bonk to jump over the gate.
  • Talk to the Emperor and buy the Fog Pot from him.
  • Use 3 KTs and a bonk to get back over the gate.
  • Grab the Prayer Slips and run to Rao.
  • Talk to her 3 times to start the Sunken Ship story arc.


  • Get through the cutscenes and use 1 L slip to defeat the wheel.
  • Run to the Origin Mirror and use Mist Warp to warp to Kamiki Village (hold down in the menu)

  • Bloom all the trees on your way up. Refer to a video to see which trees to bloom. Make sure you hear the success fanfare before getting Sunrise.
  • Talk to Mushi's mum and run up the slope, blooming the trees along the way. (NB: If you've skipped talking to the Merchant earlier, talk to Mushi now as well)
  • When you're at the Sunrise Platform's base do Uppy Thingy, using the Double Jump method, to jump up and bloom the last four trees.
  • Go on to the Sunrise Platform and learn Sunrise. Finish the fight with 1 L slip.
  • Run to the platform again and talk to Mr. Orange to do the Konohana Shuffle, learning Lilypad.

Feed FrankerZ

  • Run left to the Origin Mirror and warp to Kusa Village (hold down in the menu).

  • Run to Priestess Fuse and win the fight using 1L slip. Talk to her twice after.
  • After getting the Canine Tracker, run down towards Mr. Bamboo to get to the first 2 dogs.
  • Then use Shin Warp to get up to Shin and feed them.
  • Run up the ramp and use a KT to get to the upper platforms towards the final dog.
  • Run back to Fuse and fight Tei using one beads shot or a charged glaive.
  • After the fight, go straight towards Gale Shrine.


  • Do Origin Warp together with Sleep Walking to get to the elevator.
  • Use a Cherry bomb to go up one level then exit the elevator. Run towards the back to the stray bead chest.
  • Do about 12-15 KTs and clip into the windmill platform from the bottom, learn Galestorm.
    • (NB: If you're using Buffered KTs, it is faster to go to the upper platform and run around rather than going straight to the windmill platform. Demonstration.)


  • Do whatever form of Galestorm Platform Escape you prefer, then run out.
  • Run to the exit of Kusa Village and Mist Warp to North Ryo.

  • Run to the Merchant and buy the Marlin Rod and 1 Mermaid Coin.
  • Run to where Urushima is being bullied.
  • After the cutscene, go behind the hut and use Sunrise to summon Orca.
    • If it doesn't work the first time get a little closer to the water's edge.
  • Get on Orca and swim to Catcall Tower. Aim for the entrance when swimming.
  • When reaching the edge, stop Orca and do 2 KTs to get up on the cliff.
    • If you get too far forward and land in the water, you can restart using a Lilypad rather than getting on top of Orca
  • Run into Catcall.

  • Either do Catcall Poltergeist Skip or use 1 L slip to finish the fight.
  • Go up the tower, holding backwards on the first jump to get a double jump to go faster.
  • Land on at least 1 platform and quickly skip the cutscene.
  • Once you're on the top, jump up the stairs and learn Catwalk.


  • Jump down the stairs and go into the Mermaid Spring, Warp to Agata (any direction in the menu)

  • Waterspout the bucket 3 times to start the Susano mini-game.
  • After the mini-game, jump down to help Kokari fish up a Whopper of a Salmon.
  • Learn Cresent then say no to fighting Ume to skip the fight.


  • Drop the Tsuta Ruins key and run up to the platform next to the entrance to Tsuta.
  • KT twice to get over the gate of Tsuta and fall into the loading zone.
    • Be careful that you can't KT or jump while you're above the gate itself.

  • Go forward a little bit and then KT up to the broken bridge, make sure to clear the invisible walls surrounding it.
  • Run to the right and clear the three demon gates.
  • Draw Sunrise then mash the start button to try and skip the cutscene.
    • If you prefer you can also do Pot Skip to clear the pots after defeating the first demon gate.
  • Using a double jump, or 1 KT for safety, slash the pots at the same time. Pot slash
  • Run back out of the door and go to the right behind the mirror. Jump down to enter the Vine room.
  • Greensprout the cursed patches and learn Vine.

CB2, PS2 and Galaxy

  • Run out and go to the exit. Perform Tsuta Intro Cutscene Skip on the way out.
  • Go to the Agata Forest Origin Mirror and warp to North Ryo.

  • Run to Orca and swim to the bomb shaped island on the map.
  • When on the island, use Cherry bomb to open the cave using a Fireburst to quickly set off the bomb.
  • Dump the maximum amount of money in thrice. Getting CB2.
  • Go back out and jump on Orca.
  • Go to the island to the west of it and Powerslash the gray rock to enter the cave there.
  • Dump in the maximum amount of money thrice. Getting PS2

  • Swim to the Western most island and talk to the fisherman on the pier.
  • Fish up the Marlin with him.
  • Get back on Orca and make it night while going towards Watcher's Cape.
  • KT once above Orca to get on to the cape and run towards the Watcher.
  • Draw a star for him, run to the Galaxy and draw Galestorm 3 times to make it spin. Spawning the Whirpool.
  • Get back on Orca and swim into the Whirlpool.

Fountain and Exit Dragon Palace

  • Run to the right side and KT into the Fountain part of the palace.
    • Use 4 KTs straight up and then one KT to get over the invisible walls.
  • Dig through the stone to start the digging mini-game.
  • Hold left and Mash the jump button to get over top of the first row of spikes.
  • Go through the rest of the digging game and learn Fountain.
  • KT up towards the Palace, and once you get over the invisible wall, fall down under the building.
    • This takes 3 KTs up and then go forward on the fourth KT
  • KT your way into the Water Dragon from out of bounds.

  • (NB: written here is the easier way of doing the Water Dragon. Following this section will be the harder Sleep Walking Method)
    • Run to the water and get the key. Bring it to the Lockjaw.
    • Walk back a little and line up your camera so that you can see both the dragon orb and the water next to you.
    • Use the water to waterspout the orb 3 times.
    • Run into the room and fight the Tube Foxes, 3 L slips. Try to Floral Finish Powerslash them to speed up the cycles.
    • Run back through the Water Dragon and try not to get hit by the acid.
  • Sleep Walking Method
    • Jump in place and initiate Sleep Walking.
    • Run to the Lockjaw making sure to keep up the Sleep Walk when landing.
    • While running into the wall next to the Lockjaw, zoom out the camera (outer camera) Waterspout the Dragon Orb in the background.
    • After the third Waterspout wait for a second then jump up to ensure you keep Sleep Walk up.
    • Fight the Tube Foxes, 3 L slips. Try to Floral Finish Powerslash them to speed up the cycles.
    • After the fight, KT OoB to the back of the area. Make sure you stick close to the wall to fall into the water.
    • Drown to respawn back at the start then leave the Dragon.

  • Go to Otohime and trigger the cutscene. Then leave the Dragon Palace.

Lucky Mallet

  • Swim to the right side of Watcher's Cape then run to Ryoshima Coast.
  • Go to the point on the beach that's closest to the Sunken Ship.
  • Use a Lilypad to jump then swim your way to the ship then
  • Do Sunken Ship Clip to enter Sunken Ship.

  • Go through the cutscenes and tutorials and run to the stairs.
  • Do the Sunken Ship Brush Adventure OoB to get to the treasure room.
    • Make sure you're only slightly below the water line until the third KT.
  • Grab the middle chest for the Lucky Mallet then run back out.

Evil Rao

  • Let yourself get eaten by the dragon to spawn on the beach.
  • Run to Ankuko Temple.
  • Run on the left side of Ankuko Temple to skip cutscenes. Hit the final cutscene to go through the wall.
  • Run through the tunnel to Himiko's Palace.
  • Go into the Palace and go up the elevators.
  • Liquid KT over the lava and go into the Evil Rao fight.
  • Use one charged glaive hit to kill Evil Rao.


  • Run all the way back out of Sei-an
    • Remember to jump off the big bridge to skip a cutscene
  • Run to Watcher's Cape and use 2 KTs to get on top of the cape.
  • Run to the tip of the cape, making sure to cut the corner to skip a fight.
  • Go into Oni Island after the cutscenes.

  • Try to get Oni Island Origin Warp at the start, but if you're not sure if you got it, don't go for it.
    • If you get it, let yourself go all the way up and then use 4 KTs to go to the alcove slightly to the right of you.
    • Let yourself run down the slope and Rejuv the Tiger statue quickly before getting too close.
  • If you fail it, run to the head and jump to the platform.
  • Run up the stairs then KT OoB to the right to get on the flat side.
  • Use Greenhopping to run to the Tiger statue and rejuv the arrow on its back. Learn Thunderstorm.


  • Go through the door behind you. KT to the right in the middle of the spikes room.
  • Hold right and turn your camera to the right as well until you see the loading zone.
  • If you don't have enough momentum, use another KT to get into the 2D section.

  • For the 2D section, run to the left to thunderstorm the pillar.
  • Jump up the rotating platform then KT up the opening.
  • Do another KT to get up one higher and skip all the rotating platforms there.
  • Jump up the last two platforms and use Powerslash to get to the thunder key.
  • Run back down and go the right past the rotating bamboo sticks to put the key in.
  • You can take it easy going up to the next set of spinners since the cycle starts slow.
  • Go up the spinners, you can Powerslash them if you need to stop one.

  • In the next room, jump on top of paper doors.
  • Then do 1 KT to get to the platform directly above.
  • Do Tobi Skip
  • Run to the Ninetails arena and draw the constellation to start the fight.

  • Use one bead shot to get him to raise his sword.
  • When Ninetails shouts at you, use thunderstorm to split him up.
  • Either use 2 L slips or find the big one and glaive hit it while using 1 L slip. Repeat once more to end the first phase.
  • At the end of phase 1, get as close to Ninetails as possible before the cutscene.
  • Mash the beads shot right as the cutscene ends to instakill Ninetails.

Whirlwind and Enter Moon Cave

  • Jump off Watcher's Cape and run into the fish restaurant.
  • Go to the back and learn Whirlwind.
  • Run out and use the Origin Mirror to go to Shinshu Field.

  • Run to the Moon Cave Entrance and jump to the right of the barrier on the ruins.
  • Do 4 KTs to get over the barrier and go into Moon Cave.


It is suggested to carefully watch a run of Moon Cave as it is hard to put into words what to do.

  • Run up the stairs then fall down into the Calcified Cavern.
  • After the first two cutscenes jump to the left and KTing out of bounds go into the loading zone to the Moon Cave.
  • Run to the left towards the basin platform.
  • Jump up use Vine to get to the Merchant.
  • Then Vine towards the Black Demon Horn area.
  • KT over the wall with the Scroll and do an extra 2 KTs to get over the fight triggers.
  • Run to the ice wall and use Fireburst to get through.
  • Use 1 L slip to win the demon gate and get the Horn.

  • Jump up to the left and KT out of bounds to the next demon gate area.
  • Fight the demon gate using 1 L slip and get the Eye of Fire.
  • Run to the "entrance" and use a Fireburst to go through the door.
  • Jump around the little bridge to skip falling through.
  • Jump down to the right to get to the Ogre Liver area.
  • Use Vine to get to the Orge Liver. Use a Powerslash during the last Vine to allow the door to open while you're moving.
  • Use 1 L slip to finish the fight, blooming the Bud Ogre.
  • Vine back.

  • After reaching the last Konohana Blossom, KT towards the far side wall.
  • This wall doesn't exist so KT through it.
  • KT straight ahead, landing to the right in the stalactite room.
  • Keep right going up then double jump over the door to go into the inferno room.
  • Do the fight with 1 L slip then learn Inferno.


  • Run back through the door, not the frozen one.
  • Do 1 KT straight up at the far two eye poles.
  • Go right OoB and KT up to the Ice Lips room.
  • Use 1 L slip to clear the Demon Gate.
  • Use Inferno to melt the Ice and then use Vine to free the chef and talk to him once.
  • Run to the central elevator and slash the bell 8 times to go up.

  • Run all the way up to the fight.
  • Phase 1:
    • Draw a dot onto Orochi to go the next phase instantly.
  • Phase 2:
    • Run to Earth and let it attack, hold to the right side of the head.
    • Powerslash Earth the moment Fire starts gearing up for its attack.
    • Get through the cutscene while holding the brush down.
    • Waterspout Fire to trigger the cutscene.
    • Run to the left of Earth, making it attack.
    • Keep running to the left and get Poison and Light to attack.
    • Make sure that Poison's head is swinging left then get closer to Light to make it attack. Run to the right.
    • When Poison's head swings to the right, Powerslash to wake up Earth
    • Use Waterspout on all 3 heads at the same time.
    • Get Earth to attack again then repeat the actions to Waterspout all 3 heads at the same time.
  • Set up for Phase 3:
    • Equip Exorcism Beads on Sub.
    • Use Steel Fist Sake and Vengeance Slip
    • Use 1 L slip to get to the next phase.
  • Phase 3:
    • Use beads to quickly kill Fire
    • Wait until either Darkness or Earth are attacking to their sides before shooting them.
    • After killing the first three you can just mass shoot the rest.
  • Phase 4:
    • Draw Cresent then quickly Powerslash all of them quickly.

Gimmick Gear, CB3 and Bloom Kamui

  • Run to the Origin Mirror and warp straight to Shinshu Field to get to the cutscenes.
  • Grab the Traveler's Charm behind the Guardian Sapling.
  • Run to Ida and talk to him to give the Charm.
  • Complete his 3 races, turning it night and day to reset him, to get the Gimmick Gear.
  • Do to the upper level of Shinshu and thunderstorm the dome to enter. Go to Kamui.

  • Run to the right and KT up 3 times to go over the invisible wall.
  • Drop down and KT under the floor towards the Guarding Sapling.
  • Bloom the Sapling from underneath.
  • After blooming use 2 KTs to go over the igloo turtle fight trigger
  • Use Vine to get to the higher area.
  • Use Cherry bomb and then Cherry Bomb 2 to enter the cave.
  • Dump the largest amount of yen in 3 times to get Cherry Bomb 3.


  • Run to Wep'keer. Go to the Origin Mirror and warp to Ryoshima Coast.
  • Run up to the Ankuko Temple shortcut and use it to get to Sei-an.
  • Do Himiko's Palace Escape and run to Emperor's Palace
  • Go through the tiny crack where the Mallet is bouncing.

  • Do Veil of Mist Warp to quickly get Mist.
  • Exit the box and do 2 KTs to get out. Stay close to the box to not trigger a cutscene.
  • Run slightly left around the exit to skip a cutscene then enter the loading zone.
  • Then KT over the gate to run out of the Palace.

Thunderbolt and Deluge

  • Run to the left and jump into the non-existing river to go OoB.
    • Make sure you make your double jump long.
  • go out of bounds to Interior Clip into Gen's clocktower.
  • Learn Thunderbolt then run out.
  • Jump from the clocktower to Himiko's Palace
    • Use one KT to make the distance if needed.
  • Go to the back of the palace and learn Deluge.


  • Run through the tunnel to Ankuko Temple and use the Origin Mirror in Ryoshima Coast to warp back to Wep'keer.
  • Run all the way up to the top of Wep'keer, using 1 KT at the snowball area entrance to get up faster.
  • Use 1 or 2 KTs to do Wep'keer Gate Skip and enter Ezofuji.

  • KT left out of bounds to Interior Clip into Tuskle's hut.
  • Run out and jump on top of the hut.
  • Use 1 KT to jump over the invisible wall to do Wawku Early

  • Run on the raised edge on the left to skip the ice and not get hit by the cannons.
  • After going through the door, KT towards the left to get to the upper area.
  • Go through the door at the top and use Mist to get past the spinning wheels on the ground.
  • Run to the left, use 1 L slip to win the fight.
  • Inferno the handle and use the brush the stop the wheels so you can get them in the right order.
  • The order is, Up, Right, Left.
  • Learn Blizzard

PS3 and Enter Ark

  • After learning Blizzard, go to the corner next to the fire spider you just froze.
  • Use 2 Kts with a bonk inbetween to get over the invisible wall.
  • Jump once off of the slope to land perfectly into the starting area.
  • Run out of Wawku Shrine.

  • Run down and jump off the jutting out section, use the map to help.
  • Cut the Iron rock and fall into the cave. Pay the maximum amount of yen 3 times to get Powerslash 3.
  • Go back out and run towards the ark over the ice.
  • Do 6 KTs straight up on a specific spot to do Ark Early.
    • Check a run or ask a runner to see what the specific spot is.

Orochi II

  • Talk to Marco and buy the Tundra Beads, also sell the Holy Bone.
  • Run into the Ark of Yamato and do the fights counterclockwise.

  • Walk a little bit closer until he pulls out his swords.
  • The moment the animation begins, Use Mist.
  • When all the green smoke disappears use 2 L slips to kill Blight.
  • Run to Orochi.

  • Phase 1:
    • Run to the left and make Earth attack you using his special move.
    • Keep speed and run to the left to make Poison and Light attack you as well.
    • When Poison has its head to the right during his attack, Powerslash Earth to wake it up.
    • Waterspout all three heads at the same time when they shout.
    • Repeat once more, but with the final Waterspout, hit the bell above them as well to skip using an extra L slip.
    • Use 1 or 2 L slips to go to phase 2.
  • Set-up for Phase 2:
    • Equip the Tundra Beads on Sub and Eighth Wonder on Main.
    • Use Vengeance Slip and then Steel Fist Sake.
    • Use 1 L slip to go to Phase 2.
  • Phase 2:
    • Use beads to quickly kill Fire
    • Wait until either Darkness or Earth are attacking to their sides before shooting them.
    • After killing the first three you can just mass shoot the rest.

Ark Bosses

  • Vine to the back right Konohana Blossom.
  • While in the air use Vine on the hooks on the back of Spider Queen.
  • Once the bud starts opening, use 2 L slips to win the fight.

  • Do a glaive hit to start speed (or dash).
  • Then use 1 L slip.
  • While still moving forward use one Galestorm.
  • Charge the glaive and jump to one shot Crimson Helm.

  • Use one bead shot to get Ninetails to raise his sword.
  • When he shouts at you before doing that, use thunderstorm to split him up.
  • Either use 2 L slips or find the big one and glaive hit it while using 1 L slip.
  • Repeat once more to end the first phase.
  • Use 2 L slips to kill him in the second phase.


  • Phase red:
    • Jump up and attack the ball once to get your powers back.
    • Don’t skip the cutscenes for getting your brush powers back, instead hold down the advance text button.
    • Mash a volley of beads to deal damage.
    • When colourless, use a Powerslash. This should give you another brush power.
    • Mash another volley after the Powerslash.
    • Use one last powerslash to finish the phase. Or an extra L slip if needed.

  • Phase green:
    • Spam bead shots to try and get his health all the way down.
    • Use Powerslash after getting the first brush power when he goes colourless.
    • After Powerslash mash another volley of beads
    • Get a brush power back. Use waterspout when he starts flaming, then Powerslash.
    • After Powerslash mash another volley of beads, this should bring its health down to 0.
    • Draw a dot on him right after getting the last brush power to go into the next phase.

  • Phase blue:
    • Use 5 L slips right as his health bar appears again.
    • Go through three cycles of slots before using 1 L slip after Veil of Mist to go to the next phase.

  • Phase yellow:
    • Use 6 L slips right as his health bar appears.
    • Then repeat four times: Get brush power back, use 1 L slip.
    • At the last L slip it should send you to the final phase.

  • Final Phase:
    • Draw sunrise and jump up to the small ball while charging your glaive.
    • Smack down on him, and finish off with glaive as needed.