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  • Must start game from a fresh NG+ file.
  • Run must be single segment.
  • Only IGT (in game time) is counted for leaderboards.
    • For timers, runners usually begin time at the first cutscene and end time when Yami dies.
  • Must be done on the 2017 remastered version. These are the PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch versions.

File Setup

A NG+ file is setup after beating the game and choosing to save. In order to optimize menu-ing in the route, the following items are recommended to have at the end of the game:

  • At least 1 Karmic Transformer (Preferably all 9)
  • All 100 stray beads
  • Peace Bell
  • At least 52 large exorcism slips (more is always better)
  • Gold dusted eighth wonder
  • Gold dusted resurrection beads
  • 4 meat feedbags
  • 1 fish feedbag

All other sell-able items should be sold before completing the game to speed up menu-ing.


For the beginner route refer to the bits in italic.

Cave of nagi

Run all the way to the river of heavens. At the headbutting pots section, jump straight onto the platform rather than walking around.
Go right after reaching the river and get Rejuv. Go to the end of the section and get Powerslash.
When running back, keep the left of the red tori’s to skip the first two fights.
Run all the way back to Kamiki and cut down the fruit.

Leaving Kamiki Village

Kamiki village
Run down and talk to the statue of Komuso. Run up the slope and jump down towards the village.
Talk to the statue of Mushi and Mushi’s mom, then run back up towards Komuso.
Either jump up using Uppy Thingy or run up the slope to get up the platform. Learn Sunrise.
Equip resurrection beads, eighth wonder, the string of beads and the peace bell during the fight. Finish the fight with an L slip.

Jump off the platform and do the turnip digging game. Then rejuvenate the water mill and get sake from Kushi.
Run towards the boulder, finish the fight with 1 L slip then run towards Susano. Wake Susano up, take him to the boulder, then go do training with him.
Run out to Shinshu after slashing the boulder. Go to Hana Valley.

Hana Valley

Run up to the campfire and end the fight with 1 L slip. Run further up, remember to use Speed Restoration to keep speed.
Fight the yellow imp fight with 1 L slip, then draw sunrise to open the way. Run to the back and do the Susano mini-game.
Grab the ball, try not to be too annoyed by it, and run up to the platform.
Learn Bloom then run back towards the sunrise tablet. Before entering the clearing try to do Yellow Imp Skip. If you land into the fight just 1 L slip.
Run towards the entrance. At the campfire, run around to the right, close to the edge, to skip the fight.

Cherry Bomb to Agata Early

Shinshu Field
Bloom the Guardian Sapling. Then run up towards Mika’s Hut. Get the Monster List from Mika and run out to do the fight. Either try to snipe them using the beads or use 1 L slip.
Jump and swim over the water towards Tama.
Go into the Dead Fish fight, use 1 L slip, then go into the hut. Learn Cherry Bomb.
Run towards the Agata Forest Entrance. Instead of going into the water, jump up the slope and use Slope KTs to get up to the above “entrance”.

Bloom Agata to Taka Pass Early

Agata Forest
Use a Brush Adventure, specifically the one in Agata Bloom Tricks, to Bloom Agata.
Run back through the tunnel and jump straight into the Waka fight. Use a charged glaive attack to one shot him.
Run up towards the Mermaid Spring to activate it, and then run towards the Taka Pass entrance.
Use a Liquid KT to skip over the river and enter Taka early.

Bloom Taka Pass to Waterspout

Taka Pass
Use Cherry Bomb to enter the cave and fight Waka, again one charged glaive, then run up and Bloom the sapling.
Jump down and run towards the Moles. Do the Moley mini-game for the Teacup then go towards the Tea master for the Golden Mushroom.
Go to the Mermaid Spring and do the fight to complete it. Check a vod for fight strats.
Run to Sasa Sanctuary.

Sasa Sanctuary
Run forward and do Early Sasa Sanctuary using Slope KTs.
Run towards the bath house and do the digging mini-game to get Waterspout.
Jump down and go towards the Bamboo Sanctuary, talk to the crying sparrow along the way.
Fight Gi (Canine Warrior) using one beads shot, or a glaive hit if needed. Run back towards the hot spring.
Jump into the Mermaid Spring and warp to Taka Pass (1 up). Go to City Checkpoint.

CC skip to Enter Sei-an

City Checkpoint
Do City Checkpoint Skip using Slope KTs. Demonstration:
Go to Ryoshima Coast.

Ryoshima Coast
Go to the Guarding Sapling, using the camera trick to skip one of the pools [vid]. Bloom the Guarding Sapling.
Jump down and go to the stairs for Stair Clip using the NG method to enter the Dojo.
Buy Holy Eagle and go out of the dojo.
Run towards Sei-an, go into the fight on the pier. Fight Ubume using 1 L slip. Run into Sei-an.

Fireburst Early to North Ryoshima Coast

Sei-an City
Do Fireburst Early using a mix between NG and NG+ by using slope KTs [vid]. Run out of the restaurant and go towards the Aristocratic quarter.
Do Sei-an Bridge Skip and run up to Rao.

Beginner route
In case you’re having trouble with the bridge skip and would like not to do it. Buy the blinding snow fishing rod at the start of Sei-an. Do Fireburst Early and afterwards go to the digging game to get the water back. Then do the fishing mini-game to raise the bridge.

Go past Rao using [Rao Skip] then go straight to Himiko’s Palace.

Beginner route You can simply go into Rao’s quarters and talk to her, then skip getting the slips if you’re having trouble with Rao Skip

Get past the guards using Himiko's Palace Early and enter the building.
Go up the elevator and do Fire Tablet Skip using the Liquid KT method. Talk to Himiko then run back out.
Run all the way to the N. Ryo gate and talk to the right-most guard to get in.

North Ryoshima Coast to Kusa Village

North Ryoshima Coast
Get through the cutscenes, use 1 L slip on the Nose Wheel fight. Run across the river and go to the Merchant.
Buy 11 Mermaid Coins by tapping up once. Then run to the Mermaid Spring to activate it.
Run back towards the coast to help Urushima who’s getting bullied. Then run to behind the house, you don’t need to run up the pier, and use Sunrise to summon Orca.
Get on Orca and swim to Catcall Tower.

Catcall Tower
Do Catcall Poltergeist Skip or use 1 L slip to skip or win the fight.
Jump up on the tower and jump up. The best way to do this is to hold down on the first jump to get the double jump, where you hold forward to get back onto the tower.
Try not to land and roughly follow this route [vid] to get to the top. Watch the useless chest appear and run up the stairs.
Feed the cat the fish feedback to get Catwalk.
Run back down and go to the Mermaid Spring Warp to Taka Pass. Go to Kusa Village.

Canine Warriors quest to Enter Tsuta Ruins

Kusa Village
Run up to Princess Fuse and talk to her. Use 1 L slip to win the fight then talk to Fuse two more times to get the Canine Tracker.
Run back and jump down at the platforms. Cherry Bomb the wall to feed the first Canine Warrior.
Run to Mr. Bamboo’s house and cut the bamboo stalk next to him for the second Canine Warrior.
Run up past Susano and Greenspout the patch of cursed grass next to the small windmill. Feed the third Canine Warrior.
The tracker will now be orange and point you back to Fuse. Fight Tei using a beads shot or a charged glaive hit.
Jump behind the green dog after the fight. Face the same direction as the dog and try to use a feedbag. If it doesn’t work, edge a little bit closer to the purple dog. Be careful not to get too close or Tei will use up your feedbag.
After warping into the cave this way, run back out of Kusa Village and use the Mermaid Spring to warp to Agata Forest.

Agata Forest
Waterspout the bucket 3 times then do the Susano mini-game.
Run down to Kokari and help him fish. You’ll notice you’re fishing the Salmon, but you get the rewards from both the Salmon and the Whopper.
Get Cresent then fight Ume using a beads shot or charged glaive hit.
Run to Tsuta Ruins and use the key to enter.

Tsuta Ruins

Tsuta Ruins Run to the right and do Tsuta Intro Cutscene Skip using the NG method.

Beginner route The next section can be quite difficult if you’re not very familiar with slope KTs. Try to see if you can do it, but if it causes you too much trouble, try the more intended route.
Run to the right and jump up into the water basin. Jump out of it using Corner Jump and run up to fight the bud ogre.
Hit once with beads or glaive, bloom, jump while charging the glaive then smack it down.
Use a Cherry bomb to hit the switch to open the door then run through.
Fight double bud ogre using 1 L slip then blooming both at the same time, and right as they’re bloomed using another L slip. Don’t wait for the orb to become visible.
Either draw sunrise to make the mushrooms big or do Mushroom Skip.
Cherry bomb the wall and run through. Run over the bridge that breaks, jump down to Blockhead.
Skip the paragraph after this to catch back up to the advanced route.

Go the right and use a Liquid KT to get over the poisoned water and land on the little island next to the vine entrance.
Use slope KTs to jump up the statue,
Then run up, line up and jump using a slope KT along the way to get onto the bridge that breaks. Look at the vid for how to line up and to aim.
Jump down to Blockhead.

Destroy Blockhead and grab the key while going upwards. Get past Lockjaw then run over to the broken bridge and rejuvenate it to keep going.
Enter the area with the three demon gates. Going clockwise, so starting with the one on your left, defeat them using L slips.
Afterwards, jump off the raised platform using double jump to slash the pots.
Run back through the door where you came from and jump past the save mirror. Jump down into the Vine area.
Greensprout the cursed patches to get Vine.
Leave Tstuta while doing [Tsuta Cutscene Skip|Reverse Tsuta cs Skip]].

Finishing Canine Quest to Galestorm

Agata Forest
Run to the right of the waterfall, jump over the water and run past the Mermaid Spring. Go through the upper Shinshu tunnel.
Go to Kamiki Village while using Cresent to make it night.

Kamiki Village
Run over the stream and talk to Hayabusa twice to fight him. Use a beads shot or charged glaive attack to win.
Run back out to Shinshu Field and fight the demon gate to open the Mermaid Spring. Use it to Warp to Taka Pass.
Run into Kusa Village.

Kusa Village
Run up to Fuse’s house, talk to her to get the Satomi Power Orbs, then run to the Gale Shrine.

Gale Shrine
Go through the cutscenes, enter the shrine. At the pond go through the tunnel on the right.
Use bead shots to defeat the Chimera and get the key. Run over the windmill platforms and go through the Lockjaw to enter the Cherry Bomb lift.
Use one Cherry bomb to get up to the second level and fight the Chimera, again using bead shots.
Grab the key, go back to the lift and use two Cherry Bombs to get to the third level.
Get through the Lockjaw then run up the stairs to get to the top of the windmill.
Learn Galestorm.
Using the NG method of Galestorm Platform Escape go back down. Then run out of Gale Shrine, ignoring Crimson Helm.
Run through Kusa Village down to Taka Pass and use the Mermaid Spring to warp to North Ryoshima Coast.

Water Dragon to Evil Rao

North Ryoshima Coast
Use catwalk to get up to Watcher’s Cape. Make sure it is night.
Jump over the wall in front of you to skip a fight, or use 1 L slip.
Draw a star for the watcher, then go up to the big gate, but don’t go fully through it. While standing in the shadow draw Galestorm 3 times to make the Whirpool appear.
Jump down and run to Orca to enter the whirlpool.

Dragon Palace
Run to the left side of the entrance and do Otohime Skip using the NG+ 2017 method. Then enter the Water Dragon.

Beginner route
This skip can cause a softlock, so if you’re not certain you can do it run into the palace to talk to Otohime and get access that way.

Run through the dragon and jump down at the big drop to grab the key. Try using a Liquid KT to get to the waterspout pillar quickly.
Go past the Lockjaw and run towards the back of the dragon to release the acid. Swim through the acid to the orb and waterspout it to release it.
Use 3 L slips to fight the Tube Foxes. If at all possible try to Powerslash every fox in a wave in one go to speed up the fight.
Run out of the Water Dragon, avoiding acid drops as much as possible.
Run up to Otohime to start the Rao sequence.
Go out of the Dragon Palace and run all the way to Ankuko Temple in Ryo Coast. Jump to the left side of the temple to skip cutscenes and trigger the last cutscene to enter the tunnel to Himiko’s Palace.
Enter the palace, go up the elevator, Liquid KT over the lava and defeat Evil Rao using a charged glaive hit.

Oni Island

After Rao, run to North Ryo Coast and use catwalk to get up Watcher’s Cape. If you’ve skipped the fight earlier, make sure to skip it again or use 1 L slip in the fight.
Run through the gate and then over Otohime to enter Oni Island.

Oni Island
Gain full speed and carefully time a jump to get over the fire pit then do a double jump bonk to get out of bounds onto the slopes surrounding Oni Island.
Use Greenhopping to keep enough height to rejuvenate the arrow on the statue’s back and learn Thunderstorm.
Use thunderstorm to open the door and without running through, thunderstorm the next pedestal to get the wheel turning.
Run over the rotating platform and go the next section.
Use Cherry Bomb to go down and go through the opening with the scroll in front of it to grab the thunder key.
Use it to go up and through the door on the other side. Stick to the left of the next room to skip a fight then go into the maze.
Go through the middle door in the maze, then whenever first possible go left, right, right, left right to get to the Cherry bomb crack.
Go through and use 1 L slip to defeat the Poltergeists.

Go into the main entrance and run up the pedestal to open the door.
From as far away as possible use thunderstorm on the Oni statue and go down the stairs.
Slash all the eyes and go into the 2D section.
Go through the 2D section, Demonstration:
Grab the thunder key in the next room, and by jumping up the paper doors, jump to the electric floor to the left.
Jump up one extra level and use a double jump bonk to turn the camera and vine yourself up to the upper ledge.
Jump to the other side and using Brush Adventure, Cherry bomb the other side to get to Tobi.
Win the fight against Tobi and go to Ninetails.

Draw the constellation to start the fight. Use one bead shot to get him to raise his sword. When Ninetails shouts at you before doing that, use thunderstorm to split him up.
Either use 2 L slips or find the big one and glaive hit it while using 1 L slip. Repeat once more to end the first phase.
At the end of phase 1, get as close to Ninetails as possible before the cutscene. Mash the beads shot right as the cutscene ends to instakill Ninetails.

After spawning at Watcher’s Cape, go to the Mermaid Spring, warp to Shinshu and use Catwalk to go up to the upper ledge.
Thunderstorm the dome from as far away as possible to skip a cutscene. Enter Kamui.

Bloom Kamui to Lechku & Nechku

Use the NG Brush Adventure method of Oki Skip to Bloom Kamui.

Beginner route
This is a difficult Brush Adventure. If you’re not comfortable doing it, run to Oki’s hut, win the fight by using 1 L slip. Then enter the hut and exit again after the cutscene. Use 2 times 2 L slips to defeat Oki.
Run up the Yoichi and use thunderstorm on his arrow to open up the Guardian Sapling, and Bloom it.

Run into the Igloo Turtle fight and defeat it using glaive hits and Fireburst.
Go to Wep’keer and do Wep'keer Gate Skip to go to Ezofuji.
Run all the way up to the Wawku entrance then use the NG method of Wawku Early to enter.

Wawku Shrine
Run along the wall next to the ice to avoid getting hit by the cannons.
Then using the Brush Adventure method, perform Wawku Key Skip.

Beginner route
Do try this Brush Adventure, but it if is causing you a lot of trouble, go to the right and complete the puzzle to get the Lockjaw key.

Go up the Waterspout pillar and Catwalk up to the next section.
If you’re not in full speed(golden dash) try to charge up if you’re not comfortable doing the next section at half speed(flower dash).
Jump around the spinning wheels to get to the upper level.
Go into the room with the spinning wheels and use Fireburst right before landing on them to get past.
Go past the fire spiders and use 1 L slip to win the fight. Use Fireburst to defrost the handle and using the brush as a pause, line up the wheels. The eyes should be facing up, right and left.
Get Blizzard.
Run back and do Nechku Skip.

Beginner route
Nechku skip is difficult. Give it a good solid try, and check out the vids.
If it’s giving you too many issues, go back through the door and use 1 L slip to defeat the Poltergeist.
Freeze the spiders to go all the way up and go through the next couple of sections in the intended way.
Fight Nechku using 5 L slips and grab the cog before talking to Oki. Use the cog to get into the cannon room

Use Blizzard to go across the cannon room, you don’t have to worry about your health.
Run to the right and by using Fireburst, slow down time to Powerslash the golden cannon’s shots. Demonstration:
Win the fight with 1 L slip then run through the doorway to the spinning wheels.
Using the Icicle drawing, do Ice Ball Skip and grab the key, before going over to the Lockjaw.
Run through and use 5 L slips to win the Lechku and Nechku fight.

Ark of Yamato

Run into the Ark of Yamato and do the fights counterclockwise.

Walk a little bit closer until he pulls out his swords. Jump to avoid the attack then wait for the next attack.
When he pulls up his swords from the ground, either try to snipe the blue sword, or Powerslash it and do a glaive hit.

Phase 1:
Run to the left and make Earth attack you using his special move. Keep speed and run to the left to make Poison and Light attack you as well.
When Poison has its head to the right during his attack, Powerslash Earth to wake it up.
Waterspout all three heads at the same time when they shout.
Repeat once more, but with the final Waterspout, hit the bell above them as well to skip using an extra L slip.
Use 1 or 2 L slips to go to phase 2.

Phase 2:
Let Fire charge towards you while you charge your glaive. Hit it to kill it.
Move to the left, next to the bend in its neck and charge your glaive. Time your release to hit the next head as it sideswipes. Repeat for all the other heads.
If you miss your glaive hit, stand in front of the head and let it charge to reset the rhythm.

Spider Queen
Vine to the back right Konohana Blossom. While in the air use Vine on the hooks on the back of Spider Queen.
Once the bud starts opening, use 2 L slips to win the fight.

Crimson Helm
Do a glaive hit to start running. Then use 1 L slip. While still moving forward use one Galestorm. Charge the glaive and jump to one shot Crimson Helm.

Use one bead shot to get Ninetails to raise his sword. When he shouts at you before doing that, use thunderstorm to split him up.
Either use 2 L slips or find the big one and glaive hit it while using 1 L slip. Repeat once more to end the first phase.
Use 2 L slips to kill him in the second phase.

Phase red:
Use 1 L slip to get your powers back. Don’t skip the cutscenes for getting your brush powers back, instead hold down the advance text button.
Time a bead shot right as he slams down in the middle of the area. Get Powerslash back.
When colourless, use a Powerslash. This should give you another brush power.
Use one last powerslash to finish the phase. Or an extra L slip if needed.

Phase green:
Run into the middle of the arena before Yami is done reforming. Spam bead shots to try and get his health all the way down.
Use Powerslash after getting the first brush power when he goes colourless.
Get a brush power back. Use waterspout when he starts flaming, then Powerslash.
Right after slashing, run up to him and shoot one extra bead shot if his health isn’t at 0.
Draw a dot on him right after getting the last brush power to go into the next phase.

Phase blue:
Use 5 L slips right as his health bar appears again.
Go through three cycles of slots before using 1 L slip after Veil of Mist to go to the next phase.

Phase yellow:
Use 6 L slips right as his health bar appears.
Then repeat four times: Get brush power back, use 1 L slip.
At the last L slip it should send you to the final phase.

Final Phase:
Draw sunrise and jump up to the small ball while charging your glaive. Smack down on him, and finish off with glaive as needed.

Congratulate yourself on a completed run!

Sunken Ship Route

This is an advanced route first ran in May 2021. It assumes you can do BKT, Gale Shrine Early, Ark Early, and other various skips. You do not need any fish or meat in your file setup, and it is advantageous to have 3 solar units to minimize time spent self-damaging for origin warp. Mundane details of this route will be glossed over for brevity, as this is not intended to be comprehensive.

River of Heavens

Learn rejuv and power slash, then leave.

Kamiki Village

Kamiki Boulder Skip, then leave.

Shinshu Field

Go straight to Hana Valley.

Hana Valley

Complete as normal. Yellow Imp Skip, then leave.

Shinshu Field 2

Bloom the guardian sapling, use the wanted list to make it night, then acquire cherry bomb. Slope KT for Agata Early.

Agata Forest

Brush Adventure to bloom Agata Forest. Do Waka 1 Skip With Brush Adventure, then liquid KT for Agata Bridge Skip

Taka Pass

Cherry bomb to the cave, fight Waka 2, then bloom the guardian sapling. Go straight to Kusa Village.

Kusa Village

You need to unequip string of beads at some point. Go straight to gale shrine.

Gale Shrine

Watch the intro cutscene, and self-damage using the barrier to reach 0 health. Exit Gale Shrine. Re-enter and do Gale Shrine Origin Warp with single jump. Get the key on 2nd floor, open the door on 3rd floor, and get Galestorm. Escape Gale Shrine by doing Galestorm Platform Escape with 2 BKTs, or do an alternate escape using 1 BKT shown here:, then leave.

Kusa Village 2

Run down the stairs and to the left of Fuse. Jump off the bridge to void out back to the entrance of Kusa Village, then leave.

Taka Pass 2

Clear the demon gate to restore the mermaid spring, so that you can escape Sasa Sanctuary. Go to Sasa.

Sasa Sanctuary

Do your favorite method of Early Sasa Sanctuary and dig for Waterspout. Defeat Take, and use the mermaid spring to warp back to Taka Pass. Run straight to CC.

City Checkpoint

Do your favorite method of CC Skip, then leave.

Ryoshima Coast

Skip the fight trigger by running through cursed zone, then brush adventure to Bloom Ryoshima Coast. Perform Dojo Clip and learn double jump. Go to sunken ship and perform Sunken Ship Clip. Immediately leave, which will set the in-game time to nighttime with about 1 minute 30 seconds remaining. You must perform the 3rd Galestorm for the whirlpool galaxy prior to this timer ending. Beach Adventure can be used to reach the shore without passing any night time. Perform Ubume Skip, then Ryo Gate Skip.

North Ryoshima

Clear cutscenes and the fight. Do Watcher's Cape Early. Dodge the Blue Cyclops fight, draw a star for the watcher, and spin the galaxy 3 times. Talk to Urashima and then summon Orca - it will have already turned daytime by the time you reach the pier. Enter the dragon palace.

Dragon Palace

Perform Otohime Skip, then enter dragon.

Inside The Dragon


Dragon Palace 2

Vanilla. Run straight through North Ryo, Ryo Coast, and the Aristocratic Quarter to arrive at Himiko's Palace.

Himiko's Palace

Do Fire Tablet Skip, then kill Fox Face. Do reverse tab skip, then leave.


Run into the guards, then run through Rao's building. Store your dash into Waka's cutscene, then jump off the bridge to avoid another cutscene. Buy 1 mermaid coin on the way out of the Commoner's Quarter.

Ryoshima Coast 2

Proceed straight to North Ryo.

North Ryoshima Coast 2

Perform 2nd Watcher's Early, and enter Oni Island.

Oni Island

Do 4head jump, bonk out of bounds, and do Early Thunderstorm. Backtrack and do Oni Island Floor 1 Skip using 1-2 BKTs. Complete the 2D segment. Do Oni Island Floor 4 Skips without vine or any slowdown abilities: Defeat Ninetails.

Ryoshima Coast 3

Go straight to the mermaid spring, and warp to Agata Forest.

Agata Forest 2

It is night time, so it's advisable to perform Tsuta Early like so: Alternatively, you can wait for day and fish for the key.

Tsuta Ruins

Do ICS and Blockhead Skip. You may choose to incorporate a BKT to save some time like so: Clear the devil gates, slash the pots, bloom the patches, and acquire Vine. Do Chrono Skip, then leave.

Agata Forest 3

Go straight to Shinshu Field.

Shinshu Field 3

Jump onto the Shinshu plateau using either a BKT or slope KT method: Thunderstorm, then enter Kamui.


Perform Oki Skip. Do Igloo Turtle Skip via vines, and be careful not to soft lock. Go to Wep'Keer.


Do Gate Skip Via Slope KT's, then leave.


Do this sick strat for Ark Early:

Ark of Yamato

Defeat all the bosses in whatever way makes you happiest.